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Personalized Grocery Lists Make Shopping Easier



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Free Editable Grocery List by Clementine Creative

Add a little personality to your grocery shopping trips with personalized grocery lists. Let’s face it, grocery shopping is a necessary task. Some of you may love walking down each aisle, slowly perusing all the goodies, comparison shopping, and choosing just the right product. Some of you may find grocery shopping a bothersome chore. Either way, shopping for groceries can be easier. Transform your regular grocery shopping trip into a mini adventure. It just takes a little research and preparation. Create your personalized grocery lists in three simple steps and shop with style and ease.

Step 1: Research

Take a trip to your grocery store, but not to shop. This is a research only trip. Let your willpower shine as you travel up and down the aisles making notes. Simply jot down a summary of the products in each aisle. Don’t forget the back wall, deli, and any special areas. Need a little more help? Snap some quick pics of each aisle sign. These are typically hanging above and show the primary or most common products. Check over your research. If necessary, make a repeat visit through each aisle, just to make sure you didn’t miss some “must have” item, for your personalized grocery list, you know, like chocolate!

Step 2: Brainstorm

OK, you’ve done your homework, now it’s time to think. Consider your family’s needs and preferences. Now, make a list of all the products that you buy regularly, periodically, and seasonally. Arrange the items alphabetically or divide them into categories such as dairy, frozen foods, produce, fish and meats, pasta and canned goods, breads and cereals, pet care, paper products, soaps, and general household items,etc. Use whichever arrangement makes better sense to you, because this is the master list that you’ll use to create your personalized grocery lists. The easier it is to transfer the items onto the final copy, the more likely you’ll follow through.

Step 3: Create

Now, comes the FUN part! Creating your personalized grocery list. This can be as simple as just listing all the products (with or without brand names) that you buy, no matter how often, on one main list based on their location in the store. Remember that not all categories may be located in the same area. For example, at our local Giant store, some dairy items like cheese and yogurt are in the last aisle, while milk and cream are located at the back of the store. Simply puzzling, I know.

For the creatively talented, create a unique list for your family and spice it up a little with free clipart.

If you’re feeling a little creatively challenged, begin with a free template. Choose from a variety of templates–blank, special diet, master list, holiday, etc. Of course, blank lists work best for personalizing according to aisle, but these specialized lists can be printed out and used as a reference. Then, go into your word processing program and create your unique aisle by aisle master list. Some sites even offer free customizable templates. Yay!


Aisle by Aisle Grocery List Template by Brenda from Meal Planning Magic

Got little ones tagging along? Create a special list for your young shoppers in training. List the aisle numbers and add simple visual clues. Young children LOVE to help! They’ll get a big thrill when they spot the items on their very own personalized grocery lists. Be on the lookout for shop-happy little shoppers though. Come check-out time, you may discover ten jars of PB in your cart!

Step 4: SHOP!

Now you’re equipped to conquer grocery shopping. Be shop-happy and confident. Feel free to grin from ear to ear as you check off item after item on your peronalized grocery lists. Happy shopping!

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