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P&G Household Needs Products from Costco make my life easier!

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 Summer is here, school is out, and things have slowed down a bit at our house. My boys have settled into a morning routine that centers around making pancakes for breakfast. All I can say is, thank goodness I stocked up on Procter and Gamble Household Needs products at my last trip to Costco. Something tells me we will be using a lot of them.

Let me introduce my boys. This is Jackson with his morning hair.

jackson PG

Jackson is 17 and has developed his own special pancake recipe. It’s a simple recipe . . . just add chocolate chips to your regular pancake batter. He tells me the chocolate chips are the key ingredient in pancakes!

This is Douglas, age 13.

douglas PG

Douglas loves the pancakes! Remember that I am a bit of a control freak ( How do I raise independent children when I am a control freak? ) so watching the kitchen mess grow is a struggle for me. But, I do love the independence and seeing them try new things. (plus they are learning to cook) So I bite my tongue and let them eat chocolate chip pancakes. P&G products from Costco to the rescue for the cleanup! (get yours here )

pancakes bounty

Bounty Advanced paper towels are tough enough with their super absorbent texture to tackle even syrup messes. Extra durability keeps them from ripping or fraying when Jackson uses his new griddle cleaning skills.


grill clean PG

This little daily breakfast party creates a lot of dishes! My boys are getting good at dish washing. I say “You’re welcome” to their future wives and roommates. I love it when life creates opportunities to practice skills. They want the pancakes so they get the dishes.


Fortunately for them, Dawn Platinum Advanced Power makes cleanup quick and easy. Stuck-on syrup is no problem. Soaking is unnecessary so the dishes are done in no time. Thankfully, before the boys disappear to more exciting activities. The little details in P&G products from Costco make family life much easier.

I love this new breakfast tradition. My boys work together and talk as they enjoy their chocolate chip pancakes. And now . . .

Breakfast is done. Cleanup done. We are ready to enjoy a summer day!

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