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Potty Training Boys: 5 Tips That Can Help

Potty training is one of the most difficult parenting tasks but when it is accomplished there is reason to celebrate!

As a certified #boymom, I’ve seen just about everything that comes with the territory of raising only sons. From the unique kind of messes that come with boys to the special bond that they share with their mothers, I am knee deep in it all. While I would have loved a daughter just as much, raising boys is the honor of my life. I have learned a few tricks of the trade when it comes to raising my tiny men. One of the biggest challenges for any parent (girl or boy) is potty training. While I can’t speak much of the former, here are a few tips I’ve learned when it comes to potty training boys:

Give Them Some Grace

One of the biggest mistakes that any parent can make in regards to potty training is deciding to start the process too early or before their child is really ready. While some children will be ready before others and might even show interest from a very young age, most will be leery of the changes that come with potty training. Be aware of the signs that your child may be ready to begin the process. Also, don’t be discouraged if you begin the process with some success and then there is some regression. This can happen. Don’t be afraid to take a break for a few months and come back to it when you are both more prepared.

Make It Fun

Making anything into a game can get boys motivated to do just about anything. Offer them rewards for going in the toilet. You can do this with treats for #1 or #2 or use a point system or sticker chart where they can earn points or stickers towards bigger prizes. Sing songs, read books and use your son’s unique interests to make the experience a positive one for him. There are many more products that can help make it even more fun!

Set An Example

The best thing a parent can do with any child that they are potty training is to allow them to ask as many questions about the process as necessary. If both parents are comfortable with it, allow your son to accompany you into the restroom so that you may model the proper use of the facility. If older siblings want to help with the process allow them to as well. Only let older siblings serve as role models if it is their idea though.

Consistency Is Best

Use a timer, in the beginning, to prompt him to go every 30-45 minutes so that the likelihood of him going outside of the toilet is slimmer. In the beginning, it is best to put a pull up on newly potty training boys. Consider investing in a potty watch so that when the timer goes off and a fun song will play and remind him that it is time to try and go. Going so often will feel somewhat tedious in the beginning for both you and your son, but it is so very important that you maintain the consistency so that he can learn the importance of trying.

The Power of Praise

While potty training is one of the most difficult parts of parenting young children, it also one of the most important parts as well. Setting up your son with this important life skill will be one of the most useful lessons you can teach him. Praise his efforts in this endeavor to the best of your ability. Every time they attempt to go potty should be a celebration. Offer him positive feedback. Also, reassure him that it is okay if he has accidents on his way to becoming more independent. But, when he does go shout, sing and tell him how proud of him you are.

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