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Pre-holiday Purge: Steps to Get You Started!

Gearing up for the holidays can be downright stressful! However, to prepare for the influx of holiday gifts that will enter your house there are some easy rules you can follow. By simply doing a pre-holiday purge, you will make room for new items and reduce clutter while going into the new year.

Scout Out Areas for a Pre-Holiday Purge

pre-holiday purge list making

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Walk around your home and try to decide what areas you want to focus in on. From there, handle one room at a time so that you don’t get overwhelmed. On a sheet of paper, create a list of each room in the house and the items you want to purge. This will streamline the work and keep you from either getting rid of too much or not getting rid of enough.

Everything Has A Place

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After you have focused in on the areas of your home you want to purge, create three piles using boxes or bags so that you know where to put purged items. One pile can be for items that should go into the garbage – think broken, out of date or no longer usable. Another pile can be for items you want to donate; many local charities thrive off of pre-holiday donations. Lastly, another pile can be for items you want to keep but put aside for another time. Anything that you want to keep, put into a tote or airtight bag for a later time. 

Extra Holiday Cash

As you are going through on your purging journey check to see if any stuff is in good working order or complete. If so, set it aside and you may be able to sell it to earn a little extra cash for the holiday season.

Alternatively, some items that you’ve decided may not be worth keeping or work for you may be able to be re-gifted to a family member or friend.

Decorations Downsize

pre-holiday purge decorations

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Before you put up your holiday decorations, go through what you have and take out old, broken or unwanted pieces. Right before the holidays is the perfect time to purge the decorations because it cuts down on the need to do it as you put them up. Plus, you can take any still working but unwanted items to the Goodwill or Salvation Army so that someone else may use them in their home this holiday season. 

Get ready For Santa 

pre-holiday purge toys

To get the kids more involved in the pre-holiday purge, give them a medium to large box and ask them to fill it with toys they no longer want or use. Bring them to a donation site and have them carry the box and hand it or place it with the charity so that they can feel like they are doing their part by giving back. It is important to remind children that Santa will be coming and bringing them newer or more age appropriate items to replace items they have donated. 


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