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Puppy Coloring Pages – Free to Print!

You can never have enough coloring pages! You might not know it yet, but your coloring page stash needs these adorable Puppy Coloring Pages. These 100% free printable puppy coloring pages are easy to download and are the perfect coloring sheets for kids of all ages, and adults too.

We have some adorable Puppy Coloring Pages for your next puppy themed birthday party! These cute dog coloring pages will be a hit in a party bag or as an activity.

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The link to download is at the bottom of the page. Be sure to also check out these cute Sloth Coloring pages while you are at it!

But, coloring papers aren’t just for parties. There are tons of reasons to check out these adorable puppy pictures and help them come to life with the help of your favorite colored pencils or markers. 

Here are a few other reasons you need to make sure you have these puppy printable pictures on hand for when the time to color arises. 

  • Coloring is a great rainy day activity for kids and adults
  • Coloring is a good creative outlet for the little artist in your life to express themselves
  • You can add these free coloring pages with pictures of adorable dogs to your homeschool animal units when learning about different breeds of dogs
  • Use these as part of your homeschool art requirement. Fun coloring- free printable coloring pages are a great time to discuss color theory, work on coloring in the lines, learning to color broadly vs. using detailed patterns, etc. 
  • Coloring a cute puppy coloring page is not just educational, but it’s relaxing and can be just what you need to do to unwind after a long day.
  • Printing out the specific pages that you actually want to color helps reduce paper waste and ink waste if you were to just purchase a few coloring books, but only color a few pages from each of the individual books. 
  • Saving one of these free puppy coloring pages to your computer or other device is a great way to make sure you get to color your favorite pages over and over again without having to buy a new book every time. 
  • Plus, it’s great if you have siblings or friends who like to fight over coloring the same picture in your other coloring books. By having these puppy pages saved as a digital download, you can easily print multiple copies so everyone can pick and choose which puppy design they want to color to make come to life!

Below you’ll find a range of different puppy illustrations that you can download and share with your family and best friends so everyone can color what they enjoy. You’ll see classic puppies sitting, just looking adorable.

You’ll find adventerous pups who go camping, spend the day at the beach or other fun adventures. These have tons of intricate detail to color and would be great for those who really get into coloring and crafting a story with their art creations. 

You’ll find puppies of different breeds that are celebrating different occasions too. These are great for using as a birthday party activity to keep little kids occupied and having fun.

But these cute pages would also be great to add to your guest goodie bags to send them home with along with a new package of fresh crayons or colored pencils to make a beautiful colored puppy creation with. 

Whatever reason you have to be looking for some cute doggie coloring book pages, we hope you find the perfect thing to color here. Don’t forget that these pages are all free to download and should be used for non-commercial use, meaning for personal use.

Please do not download these for free and try to sell them somewhere as your own creations.

Puppy Coloring Pages (Free to Print)

Cute Puppies

A fluffy, furry friend in a blustery field of flowers. A cute pup with a color who wants to play. A sweet little dog in a bushel basket getting ready to snuggle down.

Another little pup relaxing in a weaved basket with some cut flowers. A little doggie with big eyes and a hat on.

Another pup sitting anxiously with a cap on that has a little heart on it. The biggest dog coloring page in this section is of a lovely pup with a bucket hat on its head who is ready to play. 

Puppy Playing

Pick your favorite playful dog coloring page from the 4 shown below. Then all you have to do is print it out and get your coloring supplies.

The first two pages shown below are of two dogs with their ball toys, ready to play fetch. One is more realistic looking and one is more of a cartoon type of image.

The third free coloring pages of a sweet little boy who is snuggling up with his pup in a pile of leaves up against the trunk of a tree.

They are ready to get into some fun playing on that leaf pile.

The biggest coloring page shown in this section is a cartoon version of a young boy and his young dog cuddling and rolling around in the grassy field.

Puppy Celebrating

In this section, you’ll find a handful of different coloring printable’s with the cutest pups that are ready for a fun gathering or party.

The first coloring page is quite simple with a sweet dog wearing a party hat. The second free digital download coloring page printable is of another small cup standing next to two party balloons.

The third printable coloring page in this row features a cute spotted pup with a bow in her fur, who is standing next to a wrapped gift and is ready to party with her pals.

The last two pictures feature a sweet doggie with some party decorations around her and another cute pup who has a birthday cake with a lit candle, on a party plate next to him. 

This set of party ready pups will be perfect to print out and make a cute dog coloring book to give to your birthday guest of honor!

Puppy Adventures

If you have kids who love adventuring with their puppy pals, these options might be a fun activity.

The first two are similar in appearance with different backgrounds and the third coloring sheet also has a little cartoon boy with a backpack on kneeling in the yard together.

The next row starts with a couple pups hanging out in front of a tent, then another group of dogs having a little picnic on a board and the third page is a sweet doggie sitting on the shore on a rock in some sand with waves crashing behind him.

The bottom row of this section has a pup running up a small hill on a beach, a group of puppies enjoying some food, and a group of 4 dogs gathered around with some brush and foilage around them and behind them. 

Puppy Coloring Pages for Fun! Free to Download!

The first three pup printable pages have little kittens on them as well. They’d be a good alternative for those who want a cat coloring page and you don’t have one.

The next row ends with two pups with raincoats on. Perefect for younger or older kids to color on those rainy days when they’d rather be outside too.  

Love Puppy Coloring Sheet with Hearts

This cute chubby pup is rolling on the floor with a heart shaped dog toy and really having a good time.

This is great for anybody who loves hearts, perfect for Valentine’s day or just the general dog LOVER in your life who wants to enjoy some fun coloring time.

coloring page to print of pug puppy holding a heart with the word love, hearts and presents in the background

Birthday Puppy Coloring Page

Here’s a pup ready for a party with easy outlines. The pup has a party hat on, a dog bed with a pile of gifts, a few balloons, and a dog bone.

The line art on this is easy to follow too.

puppy coloring page of puppy wearing a party hate with presents and balloons

Puppy Dreaming of Bones

This snoozing pup is just what your kids should color as they unwind their creative minds before they hit the sack themselves. Color this adorable dog and bone-filled dream bubble who is comfortably sleeping away in bed.

coloring page of puppy sleeping and dreaming of lots of dog bones

Puppy Friends Playing (Printable Coloring Page)

The last page we have is of two crazy pups who are having the times of their lives, playing and bouncing on their trampoline and getting ready to get into a box of toys. They look quite mischievous. What else do you think they’ll get into?  

coloring sheet of two puppies playing in a playroom with one on a trampoline

If you would like to grab the full set of the above dog coloring pages to print at the same time, just click here for printable pdf.

Be sure to pin this page to Pinterest so you can find it for any events or downtime that call for cute puppy coloring pages!

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