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Staycation Ideas for 3-day Weekends

Every one needs to get away sometimes. We all need a change of routine, scenery and schedule. However, sometimes you just can’t get too far from home. If your time is limited, but the need to escape is imminent, check out these staycation ideas:

Hang Out at a Different House

Sites like Airbnb, VRBO, and HomeAway offer visitors a plethora of choices of homes to stay in for a 3-day weekend not too far from home. Seek out a place that will offer something different than your own home. Maybe rent a house with a pool if you don’t have one? Or use the rental as a chance to gather all of your friends together under one roof or just keep the entire place to yourself and enjoy the peace and quiet. Even though you will be close to home, you will feel like you are a million miles away simply by hanging out at a house down the street.

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staycation ideas

Seek An Adventure

Depending on your city or hometown, do some research or ask some friends for ideas of unique opportunities to plan your staycation. Some cities offer the public a chance to spend the night at the local aquarium, while others have amazing camp grounds that can get you out in nature not too far from home. Once you find something that you and your family enjoy, you can always go back another weekend since you will still be so close to home.

staycation ideas

Swap Houses With a Friend

In the same vein as renting a house on one of the booking sites, consider swapping places with a friend that lives close by instead. This will give you both a change of pace, without breaking the budget because it will be free. You can approach this idea with the same frame of thinking – find a friend that has a home with something new and exciting that your own home doesn’t have.

Stay at Home On Your Staycation

If the weather is fair, set up some tents in your backyard and rough it with your people in the comfort of a familiar setting. Did you know that there are even sites that will let you rent a camper for a few days? If you are able to move a camper to your backyard, give it a try. Try RVshare or consult with your local camper dealer, sometimes they offer a few of their campers for rent at different points in the year.

Use Your Weekend For Good

Some vacations aren’t meant to be entirely about relaxing and doing whatever you want the entire time. Many people use vacation time to volunteer on a church mission trip to a country stricken with poverty.. This same concept came be applied to a staycation! Many charities will hold fundraisers that require massive amounts of volunteers just so they can put the event on. Opportunities like this can let you help out your community as well as break your daily routines. Maybe there is a charity concert for the local animal shelter that you can help out with? Grab your tent and join in! Some charities will even offer room and board to their volunteers too!

Staycation Ideas for 3-day Weekends

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