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Stop Losing Socks in the Laundry With These Simple Tips

Is there anything more frustrating than losing socks on laundry day? Actually, there probably is, but still, it’s pretty frustrating. It happens almost every time I do laundry; a few solitary socks missing their mate with nowhere to go. Then there’s the problem of what to do with them. Do you send them up to their dresser, to hang out with their friends? Or, do you keep them close to the washer and dryer in case their mate shows up? There really isn’t a great solution. So instead, here are some tips to help you stop losing socks in the first place.

stop losing socks

Photo by Jisu Han on Unsplash

Clip Them Together

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There are a few products you can buy to attach matching socks together before you toss them in the washing machine. Check out this list of plastic sock clips we found on Amazon. If these products work as well as they say they do, they should solve the problem of losing socks. The only downside is clipping socks together before you wash and dry them is time-consuming.

Bag Them Up

Instead of taking the time to attach all the matches together, use a mesh laundry bag instead. Typically used to protect intimates, mesh laundry bags can be used for other things as well-like socks. Toss matching socks in the bag before you wash them. The holes in the bag allow the laundry inside to get clean all while keeping your matches together.

Hang Them Up

Let’s say a stray sock or two makes its way through the wash cycle without a mate. What now? The best thing to do is to keep the sock close to the washer and dryer until it’s other half shows up. Designate a basket, a shelf, or a cute set of clips on the wall for lost socks instead of sending them off to their respective drawers.

Don’t Forget To Look

Ninety percent of missing socks at my house don’t leave the laundry room. I usually find them hiding around the washer and dryer. Sometimes they are behind, sometimes in the small space between the washer and the wall, and sometimes they are underneath! Stop losing socks by regularly checking all around and even underneath your washer and dryer. This is also a good time to vacuum up any dust and lint to keep your laundry area clean and safe.

Buy The Same

stop losing socks

Photo by Freshh Connection on Unsplash

Since losing socks might be inevitable, it’s a good idea to buy multiple pairs of the same exact sock. If all your socks are the exact same gray sock, you can just grab two and be on your way. That way, you’re not holding on to a pink, polka-dotted unicorn sock for weeks, waiting for its mate to show up.

Stop losing socks by taking a little extra time to clip them together or bag them up. And if some do escape, be sure to check in all the little nooks and crannies in your laundry room on a regular basis.



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