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Sunglasses Storage Solution

Whether you’re planning on a beach vacation, or just dreaming of one, here’s a quick DIY project for getting all your sunglasses organized.

DIY Sunglasses storage solution

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I am a sucker for knock off sunglasses myself, and my stash has sadly been living in a ziplock bag.  But I’ve been disappointed too many times to take one out and see new scratches from the glasses hitting each other.  So, I finally decided to do something about it, and hang my collection with order, and not ruin another pair again! Sunglass storage solutions

The first thing I did was picked up a cheap 8×10 frame at a local thrift store and painted it black.
Sunglass storage solution

Then I grabbed my staple gun and some picture hanging wire from a local craft store. If you don’t have a heavy duty stapler a glue gun would also work.
sunglass storage solution

I stapled two 10 inch pieces of wire to the frame. One at the top, and one at the middle. If you use hot glue, use a generous amount.
DIY Sunglass storage solution

It should look something like this. Pull the wire as tight as you can. If it’s a little loose no worries.
DIY sunglass storage solution

Next hang up your sunglasses!
DIY Sunglass storage solution

A larger frame will obviously hold more sunglasses.
DIY Sunglass storage solution

That’s it! Easy peasy! This is great to hang in a bathroom or closet.

DIY Sunglasses storage solution

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