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Take Time To Toss It Out

It’s not spring but that won’t stop us from a little spring cleaning. Here’s a weeks worth of things to take time to toss it out!

Monday- Time To Toss Your Makeup

Monday is the first day in our week of things to toss out and Monday is makeup day! All you makeup collectors/hoarders this day is for you. So grab a garbage bag and a chair and hunker down in front of your makeup drawer. Step 1 is to pull all makeup out of the drawers and any hiding places so you can get a good look at everything. Step 2 start checking expiration dates. If it’s expired toss it out! Step 3 free samples are only useful if you use them. If you have a stash of free samples that you have been holding on to now is the time to toss them out. Step 4 use the following guidelines for when to toss out each makeup item.

  • Mascara = 6 months
  • Lipstick = 6-12 month
  • Eyeliner = 1 year
  • Foundation/concealer = 1 year
  • Powder blush/eye shadow = 2 years

Tuesday- Time To Toss Jewelry

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Toss out Tuesday is jewelry. Jewelry is something that I don’t tend to sort through often enough. Tarnished Tuesday has me on board to do some tossing out. First just like the makeup pull everything out so you can get a good look at what you have. Next go through piece by piece and decide if you love it or can leave it (donate or trash it). Finally check for pieces that have gotten tarnished or have broken parts and get rid of them. If your jewelry just needs a little shine try some jewelry cleaner to make it good as new.

Tarnished-TOSS IT!

Wednesday- Time To Toss Out Worn Sheets

We all have them. Worn sheets come with frayed edges or rips. Wednesday is the day to give those sheets a good once over and decide if they are still worthy to be on your bed. Have a hard time letting go? There are still uses for your old sheets. Try using them for a drop cloth when painting. They work great at the beach as a ground cover. You could even use them to make a fort with your kiddos.

Thursday- Time To Toss Socks

Pick a drawer any drawer. Most of us have multiple places in our house where socks live. So go drawer by drawer, room by room and pull out all the socks. You are looking for socks with holes and socks with out matches. Who knows, maybe as you search each drawer you’ll find some matches! If socks are in good condition but just aren’t used anymore put them in a pile to donate.

Friday- Time To Toss Coupons

You know you have them. All the freebie coupons the kids bring home from school. The ones you saved in case you needed an oil change or carwash. Friday is the day. So get comfy and pile all those coupons in front of you. Start with getting rid of the expired ones because well, they’re expired. Next toss the ones that you no longer have a need for or that you have duplicates of. Lastly organize what’s left over by expiration date and theme. Then go and use them!

There you have it. A weeks worth of things to toss out. Day by day you’ll begin to declutter and free up space in your home. Watch for more “take time to toss it out” weekly toss lists to help you keep spring cleaning year round.


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