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The Benefits of Using a Paper Planner

So much of how we communicate, schedule and work is tied to a piece of technology. While all of this has made our lives so much easier, it’s important to go back to the basics on some things. Keeping your schedule in a paper planner is a good example of this. Here are a few of the benefits of using a paper planner:

Technology is Not Always Reliable


Many family photos, term papers or other important pieces of information have been lost due to technological glitches. This is where carrying a paper planner can come in handy!

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For example, while checking out of your child’s pediatrician’s office, you half haphazardly put their next appointment date into your phone. What happens if you either lose your phone or somehow lose the date? If you had written that date down right in your paper planner, then you would always have it! Or you can even take the little paper card the receptionist gives you at check out (if they do this) and tape it to that date in your planner! Easy peasy!

There’s Just Something About a Good Book

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So many people still love the feel of paper on their fingers while reading a good book. This theory also applies to many people with their planners. The feeling of turning pages in your planner to a month and day that you are looking forward to, is just different in a paper planner than on your phone.

Also, the yearly trip to Target or Staples to pick out a beautiful planner is something that many people look forward to as well.

Accessibility and Availability

benefits of using a paper planner

Keeping your paper planner in your purse or desk makes it so easy to add lunch dates, school meetings or important work appointments. Granted, most people almost always have their cell phone on them too, but if you make it a habit to keep your planner close by it can be an easy way to stay organized.

Also, let’s face it, opening a book and flipping to a page is much quicker than unlocking your phone, opening your scheduling app and scrolling through the months of the year when you have to double check your availability for something.

One Stop Family Scheduling

benefits of using a paper planner
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Probably the most wonderful thing about keeping a paper planner is the ability to keep your entire family’s important dates all in one place. The ability to color code each person’s schedule or apply the same to different activities is just something you can’t always do with an electronic planner.

Paper planners just offer more of a chance to customize your plans the way that you want as opposed to a phone scheduling app. You can also these tactics to separate work and home commitments too. Another benefit to having a paper planner is the ability to sync up your days with those around you. You can sit at a table and easily compare days/times with family members and co-workers.

The Benefits of Using a Paper Planner

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