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Think Outside the Toilet Paper Roll- Repurposing products to Organize Your Home

Repurpose Products to Organize Your Home

We had friends over for dinner and while we were sitting in the kitchen, the husband noticed our shoe organizer, hanging in my pantry. He started to laugh and said, “The Turner’s have one of those and they use it to put shoes in.” He seriously thought it was meant to be a tinfoil holder when he saw how we were using it. I kindly told him it is actually a shoe holder and he was stunned. It was such a great organizing moment.DIY HOME ORGANIZATION repurpose products to organize your home

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How can you take a product and make it work in a creative way for you?


Shoe organizers have been used for so many other things than shoes! Like us, you could use them in your pantry for paper products.  We also have one in our coat closet for hats and gloves!


Use empty toilet paper rolls to organize electrical cords.

or a desk organizer


Use shower curtain rings hooked together to organize belts or ties in your closet.


Use toothbrush holders to hold pens or makeup brushes.


Use see-through pill boxes to hold jewelry, small craft supplies, or nails.


Put towel racks on the back of the door in everyone’s room. You can keep towels from cluttering the bathroom or you can use the racks to hang belts, ties, hats, or shoes.

(source unknown)


Put spring-bar curtain rods in children’s closets so they can reach their clothes and move the bar up as the child gets taller.


Attach empty baby food jars to a shelf. Screw or nail the lid into the bottom of the shelf. Then simply twist the glass jar on and off when you need it. You can use this idea in your pantry and fill the jars with spices, the craft room for buttons and pins,  or use it in the garage to store nails and screws.

You already know how to do this. Your treadmill already doubles as a laundry sorter – right? What kind of things have you re-purposed to get organized?

DIY HOME ORGANIZATION repurpose products to organize your home

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Wait for it…

Sunday 30th of October 2011

[...] blogs will get me going with my own ideas and if that doesn’t work, re-reading some of my old posts will inspire me. If that doesn’t work, I crack open my organizing [...]


Thursday 26th of June 2008

Love this idea! And for scarves and gloves too! That is fabulous! I, too, need a door in my kitchen for this to work, but I'll have to store it in my head for now and save for our next home!

Amber's last blog post..Not feeling so positive…

Megan @ Disorder2Order

Tuesday 24th of June 2008

I use these for everything! They are really handy for kids mish-mash in the hall closet! I once did a post on how you could use a shoe bag in every room or space in your house.. you can't beat a $10 item to store all the small stuff!

Megan @ Disorder2Order's last blog post..The Oregonian Found Me... I Really Found Them...


Wednesday 18th of June 2008

Holy Crap. That is fabulous!

Mandy's last blog post..The One in the Middle goes to the ER


Wednesday 18th of June 2008

Our shoe holder keep the gloves and scarves organized and visible. Everyone gets their own row.