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Time To Toss It Out-Round 2

Get ready for another time to toss it out. There are so many things in our homes that are just taking up space. Here are a few more items that you can toss out!

Toss Out Broken Sunglasses

This is a very personal topic for me. I have 2 pairs of sunglasses. They are both broken. I’ve tried to glue them back together. I was only successful in getting glue all over the one of the lens so now I can’t see out of it. *Sigh*. Yet, I still have both pairs. Well today is the day for me and you. It’s time to toss out those broken sunglasses. So go on a sunglasses hunt. They might be in your purse, the back of a junk drawer, or hiding in the car. It’s time to toss them!

I’m super sad about these sunglasses but it’s time to toss them out!

Worn Out Bras Time To Toss Them

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You know you have them. The old nursing bra you can’t seem to part with. That sports bra with the broken elastic. The underwire that is no longer contained inside the bra. Or the bra you’ve had for over 8 years (guilty). The reason you toss a bra could be as simple as it no longer offers the support it once did. So set aside some time and pull all your bras out and go through them one by one. Chances are this will lead to a trip to the store to buy some new bras. If you live in Utah you can check out Lace by louise to get fit with the perfect bra. Let’s embrace this opportunity and take time to toss it out!

To get a bra you won’t want to toss try Lace by louise.

Toss Out Empty Jars/Storage Containers

My husband and I spent a good 5 minutes the other night looking in our “tupperware” drawer to find a lid for a glass jar. 5 MINUTES! Friends, if you can’t find the right lid it’s probably time to toss that jar out. Same goes for all kitchen storage containers. If it’s lidless or you don’t use it anymore it’s of no use to you. It’s no small feat to empty out all your jars and containers and try and find their match and decide their usefulness. Yet, you’ll feel so much better once you’ve tossed the jars and containers you no longer need.

Time To Toss Mostly Empty Food Bags and Boxes

Now it’s time to toss in the pantry. If you are like me you have way too many bags of chips, crackers, cereal boxes, and granola bar boxes that are only partially full. In fact, they may even be empty and someone put them back in the cupboard *gasp*. Now is the time to set those mostly empty (and probably stale) food bags and boxes free. If there is just a little left in the bag and its still good then add it to your kiddos lunches or give them that cereal option for breakfast. It’ll feel so good to use up or throw out those mostly empty bags and boxes.

Inspired by my own post we ate the rest of this bag of chips for lunch. It had been in my pantry for WAY too long.

Ahhhh, it feels good to toss things out that you no longer need and free up some space. Do it all in one afternoon, or do one thing a day, or do one thing a week. Whatever schedule works for you…just keep tossing.

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