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Time To Toss It Out-Round 3

With Christmas on its way we need to toss out the old to make room for the new. So get ready because here comes time to toss it out-round 3!

Wrapping Paper Scraps

We all have them. Those ill shaped pieces that were cut off as leftovers from another present and we can’t seem to part with them. Wrapping paper scraps, today is your day. I have 3 suggestions for tossing them out. First, use them up. Wrap up some of the little ones stocking stuffers or combine a few random pieces together to make a collage of wrapping paper for a gift. Second, recycle. If your paper can be recycled and you have a recycle can then put it to good use. Third, toss it out. If it doesn’t fit into either of the other 2 categories then tell it thanks and toss it in the garbage can.

Christmas Lights That Don’t Work

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I just stumbled upon a plethora of these bad boys as I was putting up Christmas decorations. I feel slightly betrayed each year when what was a perfectly good strand of lights decides to no longer work. Or only half the strand decides to work. There are youtube videos you can watch on how to trouble shoot your strand lights if you want to salvage them. Since I’m electrically challenged it’s time to toss them out and spend $4 on a new strand.

Gifts You Don’t Use/Want

Before a whole slew of new gifts arrive at your house take some time to toss out all the old gifts that you don’t want or won’t use. Now, toss it out doesn’t mean you have to literally toss it into the garbage. This is a great time of year to pass those gifts along to someone who could use them. Whether that be through regifting or giving to your local charity or thrift store. My neighborhood has a Facebook page where unwanted items go up for grabs and are just that, grabbed by someone who can use them.

Time To Toss Out Boxes

I remember a time when I would have to search and search to find a box. Now, with places like Amazon delivering things to me in boxes I have more boxes then I know what to do with. This is a great time of year to take time to toss out boxes. You could use those boxes to wrap odd shaped gifts or make it trickier to guess what the gift is. Also, you could let the kids have the boxes. My kids LOVE to color on boxes and make them cars and ships. Lastly, you can break down the boxes and add them to your recycle bin.

You will find even more joy in this holiday season when you join me and do time to toss it out-round 3. It feels good to reuse, clean up, and toss out. Do one a week, one a day, or all in one day. Your wrapping paper scraps, Christmas lights, gifts, and boxes await!

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