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The Ultimate Secrets for Always Having a Clean House

Clean house secrets

You know that one girl in your neighborhood who seems to always have a clean house? It’s like her carpet came with permanent vacuum lines and her walls have a force field that stop scuff marks. How does she do it?! Well, her secrets are out! Here are the ultimate secrets for always having a clean house.

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clean house tips

Secrets to Follow

Maintenance, Not Cleaning.

This is key. That clean house friend knows that it’s about daily maintenance, not really cleaning. By maintaining a tidy bathroom, she avoids nightmare toilets, mirrors and counters. All you have to do to maintain a clean bathroom is by giving it a quick look over when you go in the bathroom. Keep a canister of glass cleaning wipes under the sink and pull one out when the mirror needs some polishing. Use that same wipe to go over the sink, faucet and counter. Taking a moment to maintain cleanliness helps you avoid a bathroom that looks like it’s straight out of Mordor.

Get Those Kids Involved.

Create a daily job list for your kids to check off. Start with simple things like tidying the coffee table or straightening the book shelf. Those little habits blaze the trail for bigger jobs like mopping the floors and vacuuming the baseboards. Getting your kids involved will not only help you to have a cleaner house but teaches them responsibility and accountability.

Cleanup at Closing Time.

One of the greatest secrets of a clean house is making sure the house is clean at the end of the day. That means dishes are done, floors are picked up, shoes and backpacks are stowed away and all that kind of stuff. By having a clean house at the end of the day, you are essentially pushing the reset button. This will make cleanliness seem way more within reach. And is there anything worse than starting the day in a messy house? I think not! When you keep things tidy at the end of the night, you are much more inclined to do a quick vacuuming the next morning because you aren’t picking up stuffed animals and crayons.

Get Rid of Junk!

Clutter is messy’s best friend. They love to hangout together. Clear out clutter before it makes itself at home. That means you have a convenient spot in your house for things that can go to a local charity.  And make sure that pile gets taken out of your house each month. Put the trashcan in a more central location in your kitchen so people will most likely trash things instead of holding on to them. When you come in from getting the mail, head straight to the garbage cans before you go inside. Toss all the annoying junk mail in your recycling bin before it gets a chance to clutter your counter space!

secrets to having a clean house

Are you seeing how these little tips make for a clean house? It’s possible to be that girl in your neighborhood that has the constantly clean house. It’s totally within reach!

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The best secrets and hacks to always having a clean house! DIY - Home and family

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