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How to Have More Energy for Moms

Have you asked yourself how to have more energy? I know the struggle too well! Between raising kids, working, and trying to maintain relationships, it can be draining.  By mid afternoon, you need a nap!

how to have more energy for moms

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First of all, if you are having serious problems with fatigue, you might want to check in with your physician first!  Things like hypothyroid, iron deficiency, or other common disorders may be at the root of your low energy. So, make an appointment, and get tested to rule out any medical reasons for not having enough energy!

10 ideas on how to have more energy today!

  1. Vitamins (especially vitamin B)- If you can talk your doctor about ordering lab work for vitamin deficiency, than you may be able to get your health insurance to pay for it.  I was able to have lab work done and found I was deficient in Vitamin B.  The doctor was able to prescribe a vitamin B shot, and my levels returned to normal.  Also, make sure you’re taking a good multi vitamin. To find a good vitamin, check for it’s solvency! Put it in a cup of water and see how long it takes to dissolve.  Look at your label and choose one that all the vitamins are close to 100% as possible. Vitamins above 100% in each nutrient are unnecessary, but getting close to 100% will be the most efffective.
  2. Food!  When you get your vitamins through food, the nutrients are more easier absorbed!  The push to low-carb in our culture today, leads to low energy! If I’m tired and have fruit in the afternoon, I have more sustained energy for the rest of the day! Fruit and carbs are a great source of energy. Evaluate your diet today and make sure at least 50% of your total calories are coming from carbs.
  3. Sleep– You can be woken up in the middle of the night, and still get some good sleep.  Some things that set you up for better sleep, not having caffeine in the afternoon or evening,  not having screens in your room, not staying up too late, get to bed early, have a good bedtime routine for kids, etc.
  4. Exercise– When I start to get tired, I have an internal dialogue that says: an object in motion stays in motion, an object at rest, stays at rest!  If I just START something, it’s like an avalanche and you can keep going. Going on a walk mid-day can give you more energy than a 20 minute netflix break!
  5. Outdoors– Being outdoors (especially in the sun) can not only give you more physical energy, but also mental energy!  So, grab a moment to breath the fresh air, and soak in the sun if you begin to feel like your energy is lacking.  Better yet, combine the last two, and exercise outdoors!
  6. Music– Great way to get some energy is to put on some music! It talks to your spirit and gets you going.  The difference between me taking a run with music in my ear, and taking a run with a podcast in my ear is the energy for my run!  Fast music makes my feet move so much faster!
  7. Smells– Smelling things like peppermint can wake you up!  You can now get essential oils at many traditional stores, like Target or Amazon! Other scents that improve energy include lemon, lavender, jasmine, rosemary, and cinnamon (source).
  8. Water– Being dehydrated can lead to fatigue, so staying hydrated can give you more energy.
  9. Meditate– Although it feels counter productive and different than, “moving for more energy”,
  10. Control caffeine intake– If you can get away with no caffeine at all, that would be ideal, but if you do partake, make sure to vary your dosage so your body doesn’t build up a tolerance and therefore become less effective.  If you have 2 caffeine drinks on one day, the next day just have 1. Then go back to 2. The variety will make sure you don’t get too tolerant to the point that there is no longer an effect of extra energy.

10 ideas on how to have more energy

So, there are 10 ways you can have more energy! If you have more, we’d love to know about them in the comments!

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