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What Do Homeschoolers Miss Out On?

Homeschooling is growing in popularity, as many parents want to give their children the finest education possible. However, there are concerns about their children missing out on certain things when homeschooled, but what do homeschoolers miss out on? 

Homeschooled students can miss out on sports, performance opportunities, socializing, dances, prom, and more because they are homeschooled. However, if you are prepared and have researched, your children don’t need to miss these aspects of school and can still enjoy their schooling career.

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How can you ensure your children don’t miss out on any school experience due to homeschooling them? This article will take you through what homeschooled children might miss out on and how to prevent them from missing out on these experiences. 

Do Homeschoolers Miss Out?

Homeschooling is growing in popularity as the years go by, as many parents want their children to have the one-on-one attention they need. This can also help them advance in their studies as everything can be explained to them in a way that they fully understand. 

However, most parents are concerned about moving their children from a private or public school to a homeschooling curriculum. One such concern is that their children will miss out on many things from “normal” school when they begin homeschooling.

This is a valid concern, but is it something you should be worried about, or can you lay it to rest? Homeschooled students can miss out on a lot from “normal” school if you are not prepared and haven’t researched to ensure that they don’t miss out on certain things considered big parts of schooling.  

If you are not prepared to supplement these different aspects of school for your children when you start them with homeschooling, they can miss out on a lot they were probably excited about. 

What Do Homeschoolers Miss Out On? 

So, homeschooling your children is a great way to help them advance in their education, but there are some things they could miss out on from “normal” school if you are not prepared correctly. Some of these things might be considered a big deal to your children, who might not want to miss them. 

There are a few things that your children could miss out on when they are moved to homeschooling. Let’s go through them all to help you understand what you, and your children, might be giving up if you start homeschooling unprepared. 

Sports Teams 

Something that can impact many children transitioning from regular schooling systems to homeschooling is the lack of sporting activities and being a part of a sports team. Most children are involved in some kind of sport when they are at a traditional school, and they enjoy this activity. 

However, when you start homeschooling your children, they will no longer be a part of their regular sports team, which can affect them and make them feel like they are missing out on something they enjoy. 

The “Normal” School Experience 

When you take your children out of “normal” school to homeschool them, they will miss out on the normal school experience. Some of these experiences aren’t pleasant, but they are necessary to help your children grow and develop into well-rounded humans. 

Some of these experiences include dealing with teachers and other students, dealing with small amounts of stress, bullying, walking through long hallways, and more. Even though these experiences seem trivial, they help your children develop. 

They can help with time management skills, people skills, managing stressful situations, and more. All these skills will help your children in the future with all their goals and career opportunities. 

Dances And Proms 

One big thing your children could miss out on when you homeschool them is all the school dances and then prom when they graduate. Missing these dances can be a big deal to your children and can make them feel like they are missing out on a big part of their schooling experience. 

Missing these dances can cause disappointment to your children and result in a few fights in your home when your children see their traditionally schooled friends going to their dances and prom. 

Performance Opportunities

Homeschooled children have few opportunities to perform their talents or hobbies for others. They will not have school plays or recitals. They will not have big sports days, and they won’t have talent shows. 

Missing these things can be disappointing for your children, especially if they are already involved in certain groups and clubs at the school. 

Socializing With Peers And Friends All Day

This may not seem huge to most parents, but being able to socialize and spend time with friends at school does help children in their development. However, when you homeschool your children, they don’t have this opportunity. 

Your children could miss out on some social development and communication skills when homeschooled due to not regularly interacting with others and other people their age. 

How To Ensure Homeschoolers Don’t Miss Out Too Much

Homeschooled children can miss out on many things throughout the homeschooling curriculum. However, if you are prepared for your children’s homeschooling journey, they don’t need to miss out on any of these important aspects of school. 

There are ways you can ensure your children still have all these experiences and more while you are homeschooling them. So, don’t let the fear that your children might miss out on something stop you from homeschooling them, as there are ways and means to help them have a close-to “normal” schooling experience. 

Let’s go through how you can help ensure your children don’t miss out on anything when homeschooling them. 

Sign Them Up With Sports Clubs 

If your children are sporty and you want them to continue this when they are homeschooled, you can sign them up at your local sports club. This will allow them to still play the sport they love and be a part of a team while homeschooling

Have Them Stick To A Routine 

You should devise a routine for your children similar to something they would have to follow at a traditional school. Have them start school at the same time every day. Give your children breaks, where they can go and play outside for a bit. 

Have your children finish school at the same time every day. This schedule will help your children get through their work, but it will also give them a bit of structure to their days, making it seem more like a “normal” schooling experience. 

Get Them Involved In A Homeschool Group 

If dances and prom are the big factor that you are looking at for your children, then you can get them involved with a homeschooling group. These groups generally hold dances and proms for the children that are signed up with them. This will allow your children to still have these experiences. 


Homeschooling your children can make your children miss out on certain aspects of school if you are not prepared. They can miss out on sports, prom, socializing, and more, affecting their development and overall happiness. 

However, there are ways you can ensure your children still receive these school experiences while they are homeschooled. You need to be prepared and know what is available to you for them. Good luck with homeschooling your children!




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