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Why You Need a Cleaning Binder for Your Home

When it comes to having a clean house there are multiple levels of cleaning that need to be done. There are the daily tasks of picking up clutter and tidying the day’s messes. And daily chores like dishes and laundry. There are also weekly tasks like mopping, vacuuming, and cleaning the bathrooms. Then there the big decluttering tasks like cleaning out closets and organizing the pantry. How often do you get to those big tasks? Or even the ones that should be done every week? If you find it’s not as often as you need to for keeping a clean home, you need a cleaning binder!

Family life is busy and chaotic and the truth is for most of us, without a cleaning routine and schedule, many cleaning and decluttering projects will just never happen.

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We tend to take care of the cleaning tasks that are piling up in front of us. Laundry, dishes, the microwave once it gets disgusting. And sure this keeps the house tidy. But it never really feels clean. And many of our big plans for decluttering, spring cleaning, or even regular home maintenance never get done.

That’s where a cleaning binder will help you!

How a Cleaning Binder Can Help You at Home

Now that we know we need a cleaning plan and a cleaning schedule to truly stick to our house cleaning goals, how does a cleaning binder help?

A cleaning binder is where you keep all of your cleaning schedules, plans, projects, and the details that go along with them.

Why You Need a Cleaning Binder

Break Down Your Cleaning Routine

When it comes to creating a cleaning routine, it’s helpful to break down your tasks into daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal cleaning tasks.

Then you can create a schedule for the different types of tasks.

You can start by creating a daily task list for things like dishes, laundry and tidying up toys. Many people find it helpful to create a checklist of these tasks for daily use.

Then you can move on to weekly tasks. If you have a fairly consistent schedule you may be able to assign specific tasks to a day of the week. For example, bathrooms every Wednesday.

But if your schedule changes frequently, it might make more sense to create a weekly task check off list. And then add tasks from the list to your daily task checklist on the days you know you will have time.

Finally, create a monthly and seasonal schedule for tasks that only need to be done rarely. For example, window cleaning and airing out of the house in the spring. And decluttering closets and toys in the fall or winter before Christmas.

Obviously, the schedules and tasks will be different for everyone. But the reason you need a cleaning binder for your home is to create a cleaning master plan. And then organize these various schedules and checklists to help you get everything done.

It’s a strategy binder for house cleaning.

Don’t let the thought of all these schedules become overwhelming or make you feel trapped. Start with the minimum you can reasonably handle. And then you can add to it over time.

You can also create a list of daily tasks and try getting them done every day for a week or two before you start adding in the weekly tasks. Master one routine at a time before you try taking on another.

Room by Room Cleaning Routine

If decluttering and organizing projects are something you want to include in your cleaning binder, consider making checklists for the tasks you want to accomplish.

One great way to tackle this is by creating a cleaning checklist for each room. As you move through the house you know what needs to be done in any room. And you can decide when you have time to add it to your cleaning schedule.

You can also create checklists for cleaning and organizing projects like decluttering closets or organizing your kids’ toys. And don’t forget cleaning out the garage.

In fact, create a kid-friendly checklist for your kids’ bedrooms that you can hand to them every week for cleaning their rooms. Set a weekly cleaning session for the whole family when you can loosely supervise and your kids can get in the habit of cleaning their room.

Other Sections for Your Cleaning Binder

In addition to sections for cleaning schedules and routines, your binder can also have sections for favorite cleaning products, DIY cleaning product recipes, and important phone numbers.

For example, if you clean any area of your home with a DIY cleaning, vinegar, baking soda, dish soap, etc, include the recipe in your cleaning binder.

You can also create a list of favorite household cleaning products. With the dates for when you last purchased, if they expire. And when they need to be replaced.

A section for phone numbers can also be useful in your cleaning binder. This is where you can keep phone numbers for any professional cleaning services you might use.

For instance, is there a cleaning company you bring in occasionally for a deep cleaning? What about a carpet cleaning service?

I also find this to be a good place for home repair numbers like landlords, plumbers, furnace cleaning and repair. And more.

So, often these are phone numbers you need in a hurry when something goes wrong in your home. And you’ll be happy you know exactly who to call and where to find their number in your cleaning binder.

Take Control of Your Cleaning Routine with a Cleaning Binder

A cleaning binder can help you organize and schedule house cleaning tasks in a way that works for you. And that helps you make sure you get to everything on your house cleaning wish list.

Get rid of the stress of a cluttered home and the feeling that you never quite get everything done when it comes to house cleaning.

A cleaning binder is a way to do that successfully. And it doesn’t have to be difficult! If creating a cleaning binder sounds overwhelming, printable cleaning binders are widely available and inexpensive!

Create your cleaning binder today! And get ready for a cleaner organized home this year!

Why You Need a Cleaning Binder for Your Home

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