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Why You Should Record a Time Lapse Cleaning Video

Have you ever watched a time lapse cleaning video?  They are absolutely satisfying to watch. Find out how making your own can help you get your house clean-fast!

time lapse cleaning videos

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I frequent a cleaning group on Facebook. The community offers great advice, tips, and tricks about all types of cleaning. I also hop in there when I’m looking for reviews on cleaning supplies and tools. But I ran into something unexpected there that I just love: time lapse cleaning videos. Lots of members post videos of themselves transforming a cluttered living room into a cozy, neat one. There are also lots of videos of folding laundry and washing dishes at an extreme speed. I have to tell you I just love these videos. There is something so satisfying about watching a mess disappear and be replaced by a clean, organized space. I won’t lie, since I joined that Facebook group, I’ve probably lost a couple of hours watching these videos.

Recently, I decided to record a time lapse video of myself cleaning the kitchen. My original intent was to simply enjoy watching my messy kitchen transform into a clean one, but it turned out to be so much better than just watching a video. I found that recording these videos helped me stay on task when cleaning and resulted in a cleaner house. Now it’s one of my favorite tricks for keeping my house clean. Here’s why:

It Motivates You

Making a video of yourself cleaning is a great way to motivate you to get started on a task. It’s a great tool to use on those days where you just don’t have it in you to clean the kitchen one more time. It’s also great for those big, overwhelming projects, like a garage cleanout, when you just don’t know how to begin. The thought of getting to watch a sped-up video of the transformation might just be the motivation you need to get started.

It Keeps You On Track

time lapse cleaning

Photo by The Honest Company on Unsplash

One of the hard things about cleaning when you don’t really feel like it is staying on task. If you find yourself drifting away from the work, taking lots of breaks, or getting caught up in the details, setting up your phone to record might be just what you need. Knowing that you are being recorded (even if you are the one recording) helps keep you accountable and focused on the job at hand. Plus, the sooner you finish the laundry, dishes, bathroom, or whatever you are working on, the sooner you’ll get to watch that satisfying video.

You Get To Watch Your Own Time Lapse Cleaning Video

The best part of the cleaning time lapse videos is watching them! Now that you are making your own, you get to watch your own spaces transform from messy to neat. Plus, looking forward to watching the video once you are done, really helps you to work quickly.

You Can Share It With A Friend

watching time lapse cleaning videos

Photo by Afif Kusuma on Unsplash

Do you have an accountability buddy for exercise? Why not have an accountability buddy for cleaning? Schedule a cleaning day and time and get to work. Then send your friend your video and have them send you theirs. You can each encourage each other to stick to the scheduled cleaning time and you’ll both be happier in your cleaner, neater homes.

Recording a time lapse video while you clean is a simple thing to do, but really helps motivate you to get your space cleaner. Give it a try!


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