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De-clutter Your Garage-10 Things to Get Rid of Today

Need to de-clutter your garage? Cleaning and de-cluttering your garage can seem like an overwhelming task. If your garage is like mine, it’s a catch all for things that don’t have a home. Plus it’s a place that seems okay if it’s out of order and messy because, well, it’s a garage. Before you know it the clutter has piled up and the garage has become a disorganized mess!

De-clutter your garage


When cleaning up the garage, the best place to start is by de-cluttering! The less you have, the less you have to clean, organize, and rearrange. Here are 10 items you can get rid of today:

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Old Paint

old paint

The first thing I de-clutter in the garage is paint! It’s good to hold on to paint, but this stuff doesn’t last forever! Pop open the old cans and see if the paint is still good. Also, make sure you aren’t holding on to paint colors that aren’t in your house any more.

Outgrown kids’ toys


Although garages are meant for cars, I’ll bet there are a bunch of toys, bikes, and trikes in there too! Toss any broken toys and pass on or sell any bikes, trikes, or ride on toys your kids have outgrown.

Shipping Boxes

shipping boxes

Are you an online shopper like me? Then you probably have a stack of boxes in your garage. Break them down and recycle them! 

Pet accessories

Are you still holding on to that old fishtank and hampster cage? If there aren’t any definite plans to get a new pet, it’s okay to de-clutter these items!

Stuff you are storing for other people

If your garage is short on space and you are storing items for other people, it may be time to give your friend’s stuff an eviction notice!

Old Gas

gas can

If you store containers of gas in your garage, it might be time to let them go. Check with experts to see how long gas is good for and where you can take your old gas.


Did you know that motor oil has an expiration date? It might be time to clear your shelves of old oil. Or, maybe you have used oil left over from an old oil change. Check with your local mechanic for places who will accept this oil.

Old Batteries

car battery

Check your garage for old car or lawn mower batteries.

Accessories for the car you don’t own anymore

Do you have a pair of windshield wipers for that car you sold last year? Get rid of any accessories for cars, bikes, motorcycles, or lawn equipment that you no longer own.

Projects you haven’t touched in a year

old desk

If you have items for projects, like a piece of furniture that you’d like to refinish, but you haven’t gotten to it in a year, it might be a good time to let those items go.


This list was easy for me to make after taking a quick look at my garage. Your list might look a little different, based on how you use your garage. The important thing is now that you’ve de-cluttered your garage, the job of cleaning and organizing it will be much easier!

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