Don Aslett is My New Hero

On Friday my Mom, Sister and I went to a cleaning seminar presented by Don Aslett.  (The bathroom series I have been working on will return next week with some great tips from him).  It was AMAZING!!  Seriously, one of the best seminar’s I’ve ever gone to.  He is just so charismatic, and offered really great and useful information.  He wasn’t really “selling” his products, but just by listening to him, you HAD to have it!  Some of the best parts of the seminar were the following…

“The biggest thing about cleaning, is to figure out how NOT to do it.”  – He talked about prevention.

Door Mats – One thing he highly recommended was a really good door mat.  He said that 80% of the dirt in your house comes in through the front door.  He doesn’t recommend the fancy doormats.  An AstroTurf mat is what is going to get the job done.

Break Mess Making Habits – Such as pouring things too fast that they spill, turning the pan on too high so that it boils over, etc.

Seal – Anything that stains or absorbs dirt too easily should be sealed.

Keep Air Conditioner Filters Changed – This cuts down on the airborne dirt.

“Clean with your head, not your hands.  Let the chemicals do the work.” – Speed up your cleaning by using the right tools (the ones that the professionals use)

Eliminate – Remove all the loose stuff you can first, with a broom, brush, vacuum, scraper, anything.

Saturate – Now get some cleaning solution (he’s got 3 really great ones that are sooo cheap!  This is the kit that my Mom bought for my sister and I… THANKS MOM!!) and completely wet the surface well with it.

Dissolve – Leave the solution on until it dissolves the dirt.  This is so much better and safer than rubbing and scrubbing.

Remove – Now just wipe away all the loosened dirt!

It was really amazing watching him demonstrate how to do this.  He washed a window in about 2 seconds flat!  It was a big window too!  Also, the products he has will last you sooo much longer then the junk you buy at the store, for a lot less money!

“One of the best, most important things you can teach your kids is that they are responsible for their own mess.” – He says this about all aspects of their life, like when they mess up at school, or in the kitchen.

Have the cleaning tools handy for everyone to use.  He said that if the President of the United States came to stay at his house, he would hand him the cleaning kit and tell him to clean the bathroom when he was done.  🙂  Maddie is actually really good about this.  Whenever she spills she goes over to where the paper towels are and will complain until I get her a wipe so she can clean it up!

He was really a great speaker, and we had a fun little girls day!  It was an organizer’s dream!  So again, thanks Mom, and I have a new hero!

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  • Ditto sarah! I’ve always like Don Aslett’s approach to cleaning, and it was fun! I once read one of his books that said, “people always ask me how often to clean things. like once a week for the bathroom or what?” and his reply is, “as soon as it’s dirty! Don’t clean it if it’s not dirty,just because it’s the “day you clean the windows” day. Ha, ha… I just love him!

  • From mom: It was a great seminar. For those googling Don Aslett, check out his site, especially the videos, where you can watch how to clean the toilet, etc.! They take a little time to download, but they’re great. I’m off to clean the floor. Sarah and Amy, thanks for making it fun by going with me. Let’s do it again soon!

  • Although its great to have a clean house a lot fo moms don’t realize the importance of choosing
    gentle, environmentally friendly cleaning products
    not only because they are good for the environment
    but because many childhood allergies and health
    problems have been linked to the chemicals used in
    “professional” cleaning products. Do your research
    moms, you don’t only want a clean house for your
    kids but a safe one as well.

  • I like your blog, and Don Aslett is great!
    p.s. I can’t stand it, I just have to tell you since you are writing for the public here–please learn how to use apostrophes. Plural words don’t have an apostrophe, e.g. “seminars” not “seminar’s”
    and possesive words do have an apostrophe e.g. “girls’ day out” not “girls day out”. I see this done wrong so often that I am starting to give feedback–please don’t be offended! It’s just the grammar geek in me…

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