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6 Medical Supplies Every New Mom Needs

When preparing for your new little one, don’t forget these six medical supplies every new mom needs.

Taking your new beautiful baby home from the hospital is an amazing and terrifying experience. Recognizing that you are now responsible for the health of a tiny human is a great responsibility. When getting ready for a new baby we set up gorgeous nurseries, purchase car seats and monitors, and buy adorable outfits and hats…but one thing that we sometimes overlook is medical supplies for the baby. 

Of course, best case scenario is that your baby will stay healthy. However, being prepared for possible medical issues ahead of time makes it much less scary if your little one gets sick. Here are six medical supplies every new mom (and dad!) should have on hand.

Nasal aspirator

Babies often have fluid in their noses from the birthing process. There are classic bulb syringes to pull liquid from baby’s nose and mouth, but another amazing option is the Nose Frida. This lets you gently suck to remove the liquid (and a sponge prevents it from getting all the way to your mouth). 


Knowing your infant’s temperature is important for your sanity, and for the doctor’s records. The most reliable option for babies is a rectal thermometer. I’ve always loved ear thermometers for my babies. 

Diaper Rash Cream

This is one of the most useful first aid products for new babies. I’ve had the best luck with Desitin or Boudreaux’s Butt Paste.

Gas Drops/ Frida Windi

New babies often have gas bubbles and it makes them SO uncomfortable! Gas drops can often help, but I’ve also heard amazing things about the Frida Windi. At first read, it might sound appalling to insert something into baby’s bottom, but when your child is screaming in pain you will do ANYTHING to help them. Just make sure that the baby doesn’t become too dependent on the Windi. 

Medicine basics

Baby Tylenol (and baby Motrin once baby reaches six months) are important to have on hand for fevers and teething pain. I also like to have baby Vaporub when they are congested, and some natural homeopathic medicine for when baby is stuffy (you can’t use normal cold medicine on infants).  This post for a DIY Baby Medicine Kit is a great way to organize and store all of baby’s medicine (and has free printable tags!). 

Infant CPR Training Kit

These kits are available from the American Heart Association and will help get your family up to speed on the proper way to perform first aid for baby choking and CPR. I think this purchase is totally worth the cost and time! 

Keeping calm when your baby is distressed is best for everyone, and being prepared is the best way to keep your calm. Every new mom (and dad!) should have these first aid and medical supplies on hand so you are ready to tackle any sickness that comes your way. 


Medical Supplies for Newborns

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