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Daily Habits to Keep Your Bathroom Sparkling

We all love a clean bathroom though cleaning it isn’t always our favorite. Try these daily habits to keep your bathroom sparkling.

Pick Up Clothes and Towels

First things first. Before we can get to the actual getting rid of dirt cleaning we have to start with the picking up stuff cleaning. My boys are notorious for the things they leave lying around on the bathroom floor. So start your daily habits with picking up the bathroom floor. Get those pajamas in the dirty clothes and put the wet towels on the rack to dry. It will help to keep your bathroom sparkling.

Clear Off Counters

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It can take less than a minute but will make a big difference. Each morning clear off your bathroom counter of the things you used that morning. Put your brush and blowdryer back in their drawer. Make sure your mascara ends up inside the makeup bag and it returns to wherever you keep it. By putting away the things you used that morning your bathroom will become significantly cleaner and you won’t have spent more than a minute of your time. Need ideas on how to store your bathroom stuff check out One Crazy House.

One Crazy House

Sanitize Counters and Sinks

Now that our counters are cleared off it’s time to give them a quick cleaning. My preference is to have some antibacterial wipes in the bathroom for quick daily cleaning. Grab a wipe and give your counter a quick scrub. If your wipe isn’t too yucky then you can go ahead and use it on your sink next. Otherwise grab a new wipe and tackle your sink. Sometimes I will even use a little piece of toilet paper to do a quick wipe of my sink and grab any hair or dust that has collected. By getting in the habit of quickly wiping off your bathroom counter and sink each morning you are sure to leave your bathroom sparkling.

Squeegee the Shower

I learned something new today. Squeegee is spelled with 2 e’s on the end. Interesting. What’s even more interesting is how the daily habit of using this squeegee in your shower can save you TONS of time later. By squeegeeing your shower walls and door after each use, the soap scum and mildew and other icky things don’t have time to build up as much because you are wiping them away. Therefore, saving you from hours of scouring later and leaving you with a sparkling bathroom now.

Apartment Therapy


Even the toilet is going to need a little daily love to stay sparkling. Here’s a great toilet cleaning trick. You can use mouthwash as a toilet bowl cleaner. If you are in the habit of using mouthwash daily then just add a 1/4cup or so to your toilet bowl too. Let it hang out in there while you do your other daily bathroom habits and then give it a quick rinse with the toilet bowl brush and boom! Sparkling inner toilet. Now for the outer toilet just grab one of those antibacterial wipes and give it a quick wipe down.


It should take you less than 5 minutes to do these daily habits to keep your bathroom sparkling. So what are you waiting for? Head on in to the bathroom and get started right away!

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