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10 ‘Not Tacky’ Ways to Decorate for St. Patrick’s Day

Holiday home decor doesn’t have to be tacky!  I love these ideas to decorate for St. Patrick’s Day.  It takes the beautiful greens of the holiday, and combines them with simple ideas I’d be proud to display in my home!   These ideas are fresh, beautiful, and not expensive at all!

DIY HOME DECOR 10 Ways to decorate for st. patrick's day

1 Decorate with Jars

You could paint some mason jars on your own, and fill them with some green flower and shrubs.   Put these on your kitchen table, a mantel, or end table!

2 Decorate the Entry way table 

This pretty idea from Dear Lillie can be added to your entry way table or a shelf or mantel! I love the board with the Irish message, and I LOVE the vases with the green and white flowers!

3 Decorate your Dining Table with Simple table setting

This is definitely more specific to St. Patrick’s Day, but some of these table elements can be left on the table all month long! I love the shamrock plates and the green and white silverware!


4 Decorate with Apothecary jars

I wish I had some Apothecary jars that I could switch out the contents for every single holiday! I love the classiness of these jars on a table or mantel!

5 Decorate with Banners and plants

Banners can be super tacky, unless you find the right one!! I love this banner because it’s small, and doesn’t span the entire kitchen!  Print this one from Landeelu!

Wreath or door decor

This wreath is simple beautiful!  Emphasis on the simple part! I love the shamrock with the letter in the middle, and that it’s made of wood. It’s so subtle that you might not even realize it’s a shamrock until you take a closer look. Win-win!

7 Decorate with Candles

Decorating with candles is a easy, DIY way to change out your colors for every season!  For Valentines, these could be red. For Christmas you could use Gold or Green plus red. For Fourth of July you could have red, white and blue.  Just use the same candle sticks and swap your candles.

8- Decorate with Boards

Make yourself, or grab on Etsy!  Wooden boards that display the current holiday can be adorable on your porch or even on the top of your kitchen cupboards!

9-  Decorate the Mantel with Simple Decor

Very simple little sign (Kiss Me I’m Irish) and a vase with some simple greens is ALL you need!

10- Decorate with Throw pillows

And finally, simply switching up the throw pillows for each holiday is so easy, and not tacky at all!

And there you have it! Some simple, affordable, and best of all- not tacky ways to decorate for St. Patrick’s Day.


DIY HOME DECOR 10 Ways to decorate for st. patricks day

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