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Get Inspired to Work Out With These 8 Extremely Organized Home Gyms

Moms are busy and that’s a fact. With our to-do lists a mile long, we put ourselves and our self-care dead last. And even when we do set aside some precious alone time, watching Netflix with a pint of ice cream probably wins out over exercise more often than we want to admit.

But what if you had a beautiful and immaculately organized home gym to work out in? Getting to the gym can be hard to squeeze in your schedule, but the right set-up at home can be just as effective.

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Whether you have a whole empty room, or simply an available corner – you can have a functional and organized space to sweat it out. Check out these eight organized home gyms below, and start planning your own!


1. Colorful exercise niche

This beautiful exercise space from A Bowl Full of Lemons is actually an unused corner in her TV room. The blue bins hold towels, weights, and workout videos. Weekly exercise schedules are written on the colorful white board, and the binders are used for exercise logs to keep track of family member’s workouts and goals.



2. Cute exercise room with a DIY ballet bar

Kenz of Interiors by Kenz prefers doing barre workouts, a method that requires a ballet bar. She made and installed this ballet bar herself. She also painted the adorable geometric patterned wall. How could you not be motivated to exercise in a room like this?




3. Yoga at home with a DIY yoga mat rack

If you are a yoga guru, you can create a mini yoga studio anywhere in your house with this DIY mat rack. Courtney and Brent of Gray House Studio designed this brilliant storage solution and even offer free plans so you can make your own, if you know how to work a jigsaw.




4. Playful gym in the office

This space is a little corner in a home office. It was created with purchases from Home Goods and shared on Design Happy, the Home Goods blog. A white cart, a basket for yoga mats, and some inspiring typography artwork transform this corner into a happy little gym.




5. Make any area a gym with a handy weight rack

If you’re really limited on space, this cute little dumbbell rack can fit virtually anywhere. According to Fit is Chic you can put it together in about 15 minutes. Stash this baby in the corner of a bedroom, office, or TV room and you’ve got your own organized and miniature gym!




6. An organized corner gym

Melissa of Polished Habitat created this little corner gym with just a peg board and a few clipboards. The pegboard holds magazines, a yoga mat, and workout towels. The clipboards are for displaying exercise routines and inspiring quotes.




7. Bookshelf Gym

Who would guess you can create an organized home gym with simply a bookshelf? That’s just what Jen of I Heart Organizing decided to do. A small little corner in her home held her treadmill and a messy pile of workout gear. She purchased a cheap bookshelf and placed it under the existing wall shelf. Now all her exercise supplies have designated spot. The overall effect is colorful and cute.




8. Small Exercise Room Packed with Storage

Tiffany of Dream Design DIY recently gave her exercise room a makeover by adding organized storage systems. She installed open shelving to get items off of the floor, and created a workout ball holder and a ballet bar. Plus the cute chalkboard calendar keeps her workout schedule organized. It’s amazing how a little organization can add so much functionality and style to a space.



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