We Multitask Like You Breathe

multitaskWho can name the movie my post title is from?  Multitasking has become more common place than shoes now!  I recently had a conversation with an older friend of mine, who hasn’t quite joined the technological age, and we were talking about what “my world” was like.  Meaning, when we have access to things so instantly now, what becomes our patience threshold?  Like when a web page doesn’t load within 2 seconds, how likely am I to move on and do something else?  Very likely.  We don’t have or TAKE time to wait for things anymore.  If there is waiting time, we are off doing something else.  Sometimes you can go overboard with the multitasking though, so you have to be careful. 

The best way to multitask is to combine like tasks. Clean the family room while you watch TV, plan your meals once you’ve got dinner in the oven, clean the shower while you take one! If you try to clean the shower while you plan out your meals for the week, you aren’t going to be a very efficient multitasker. I am notorious for multitasking on the computer, that sometimes I even overload the computer. As I wait for a web page to load I respond to an email, as I’m waiting for a DVD to burn I’m checking out blogs and editing images and checking out the latest mobile phones and cameras. The computer is definitely a great place to get a lot of multitasking done.

Here is the pitfall…. trying to do TOO many things at once.  If you overdo your multitasking you could end up with 5 half completed projects, and no time to complete them.  You need to be able to read yourself and know when you’ve stepped over that line.  If you are starting to feel stressed out instead of feeling like you are accomplishing tasks, then it’s time to back off of one or two of the items you are doing.

What tasks do you like to combine?

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  • I am all over the multitasking thing! A number of the scenarios you mentioned are ones I do around here. I also carry knitting with me wherever I go, so if I have a spare moment of waiting time, a few rounds on the sock are completed. But the computer is definitely one I tend to overdo. OH, and while one hand is brushing teeth, the other is clearing off the counter, wiping it down, sorting laundry, making the bed, whatever I can get done. And I would bet that I brush for a longer period of time, too!

    Kris with a K’s last blog post..Mama said there’d be days like this….

  • I thought of something else, and i started this when I began working parttime at Archiver’s: when walking from one room to another, don’t waste the trip. (At A’s, every time I go to the stockroom, I take something with me that needs to go there.) That means I take something with me, that needs to be moved from one room to the other. It seems that there is always something in the house that needs to go from the kitchen or living room into another room: bathroom stuff fresh from Target, even a Swiffer to dust my bedroom. For some reason I feel very organized, and keep telling myself, “No wasted trips.”

    Kris with a K’s last blog post..Mama said there’d be days like this….

  • I’ll admit I tend to take on more than I need to at once!

    I’ve started bringing a book with me, my calendar and cell phone and our mail when I am waiting in the carpool line to pick up my daughter each afternoon from kindergarten. I can catch up on phone calls, sort through our mail, make appointments, etc. while I wait.

  • I have started to utilize my work lunch hour.
    I pay bills and make timely phone calls, while eating lunch and it doesnt take away from wonderful son, while I am at home.

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