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10 Cleaning Hacks Your Kids Can Handle Today

A home with kids is typically a home with messes to clean up. Or at least routine cleaning chores that could use some attention. And there is no reason for parents to take on all of the responsibility for cleaning the house. Including kids in household chores is a great way to teach them responsibility and self-sufficiency.

It also teaches useful life skills and the importance of contributing to the family and household. Practical experience cleaning is a great way to demonstrate to kids that houses don’t get clean by accident. It takes work. And knowing that helps teach appreciation for what parents and other family members do for them.

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Many household chores require adult hands involved, but there are also plenty that kids can handle on their own. Check out this list of 10 cleaning hacks your kids can handle today!

Kids Cleaning Hacks

10 Cleaning Hacks Your Kids Can Handle Today

1. Dish Scrubber for Bathroom Cleaning

Buy a dish scrubber with a refillable handle you can put cleaner in. Fill it with the liquid bathroom surface cleaner of your choice and keep it in the bathroom for your kids’ use.

Your kids can use this brush to regularly scrub out the sink and tub. Kids should wear gloves to protect their hands but if you prefill the scrub brush there is no need for spraying or pouring cleaners.

clean with baby wipes

2. Cleaning with Baby Wipes

One of the concerns about assigning cleaning hacks kids can handle is the use of chemical cleaning products. But what could be safer for kids to handle than a baby wipe?

I’ve used baby wipes to clean everything from my keyboard to the dash of my car. They work great for cleaning off baby toys and for wiping down the front of your cabinets or refrigerator. Check out this list of surprising uses for baby wipes to learn more.

3. Clean the Baseboards with Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets work amazingly well for cleaning baseboards. And as an added bonus, the residue from dryer sheets repels dust and will keep your baseboards cleaner longer.

Chances are it’s easier for your kids to get down low and crawl along the floor to clean baseboards than it is for you. So, hand them some dryer sheets and put them to work!

girl cleaning

4. Scrubbing Floors with Vinegar and Water

No matter how good you are with a mop, there are always a few sticky spots that take some down on your knees scrubbing. Those are the places to put your kids to work!

Hand them a spray bottle with a mixture of vinegar and water and a towel or rag. Kids love spray bottles and there isn’t much a vinegar and water mixture can harm. Hand them a towel and point them towards the sticky spots. Chances are they created them in the first place.

5. Sort Laundry into Baskets

Sorting laundry is a cleaning task even younger kids can take on. Give your kids one basket for colors and one for whites and put them to work sorting out your piles of dirty laundry. Additional baskets for delicates, towels, and sheets can be used as necessary. I keep anything delicate in a separate hamper so that kids can sort the laundry unassisted.

kids dusting

6. Dusting Tools

Anything from socks to paint brushes can be used for dusting. And kids often enjoy cleaning with an unexpected dusting tool. Just keep them away from your expensive breakables and your house should be dust free in no time.

7. The Finishing Touches

Most moms have a long list of cleaning chores to get to during any given week. And there are some things that rarely make the cut. Things like light switches, doorknobs, tv remotes, and kitchen chairs often get left off the weekly cleaning list.

Wiping down these items with a dust cloth or baby wipe is among the cleaning hacks your kids can easily handle which allows them to be cleaned more often.

sorting laundry

8. Folding Towels and Matching Socks

There are some folding chores you will probably want to do yourself to avoid having your dresser in a crazy jumble but folding towels is something even most toddlers can handle. A quick review of how to fold corner to corner and your kids should be on their way to creating a neat-ish stack of dish towels.

When they finish that you can set them to work pairing up socks. They can practice matching colors and help you make quick work of your laundry.

9. Shake it Off

Chances are you have a few small area rugs, bath mats, or welcome mats that could use a good shaking out. Send your kids outside with these various rugs or mats to shake the dust off. This is an easy, kid-friendly chore that I don’t get to often enough.

kids weeding

10. Pulling Weeds

Once your kids have helped you get the house clean, send them outside to pull weeds in the yard. If you don’t set them up too near any prized flowers that might be mistaken for weeds, this should be a simple task for even younger children.

And you can make weeding fun with kids sized garden gloves or plastic garden tools. Your kids will likely treat it as a chance to play in the dirt. I say let them! They’ve been working hard with these cleaning hacks your kids can handle.


Kids Cleaning Hacks

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