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13 Ways To Organize Your Playroom Using Command Hooks

Organize your playroom using command hooks.  Command hooks are a great way to not only organize toys but to get the toys up off the floor! This gives you more floor space for playing, plus it makes the whole room look neater. Check out our list of the best command hook hacks for playrooms.

Arts and Crafts

Nothing makes a mess quite like arts and crafts supplies! All the little pieces, markers, pencils, crayons, and chalk tend to get jumbled together or dropped on the floor. Finished masterpieces with nowhere to go end up strewn all over! Use command hooks to organize supplies and display artwork.

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Get the supplies up off the floor by using command hooks to attach baskets to the wall.

Store papers and coloring books on the wall so the kids can easily reach them.

After your child is finished creating, give them a place where they can easily display their works of art.

Stuffed Animals

Most kids have at least a few stuffed animals. My kids, however, have a ton, so I’m always looking for good storage solutions.

Use command hooks to hang baskets on the wall.

Or, create a hammock and use the hooks to hang it.

Dress Up Clothes

Playing dress up is fun for boys and girls! Hangers are hard for little fingers to manage, so use hooks instead. It’s easy to see all their outfits and accessories. Having plenty of hooks on the wall makes it easy for kiddos to clean up when they are done playing.


If your child has a lot of dolls, use command hooks to display them on the walls. This tip makes them easily accessible, plus their hair won’t get tangled! You can even use hooks to hang up extra doll clothes and accessories.

american girl dolls

These dolls are stored on the wall using coat hooks, but you can easily substitute large command hooks. Via Pinterest.

Nerf Guns

Nerf guns are so fun, but also big and bulky. Instead of dumping them in a basket or a bin, use hooks to hang them on the wall. They’ll take up less playroom space and the kids won’t have to dig around in the bin looking for their favorite.

Cars and Trains

If your playroom has a train table, attach a command hook to the side of the table to store the trains, cars, and tracks.  Or, simply store them on the wall.

Play Kitchen

Keep play food and utensils organized by attaching baskets to the wall or the side of the kitchen.

play food storage

via Pinterest

Legos and Blocks

Legos and blocks can make a big mess in the playroom. Plus, stepping on a rogue Lego hurts! Get the Legos up off the floor and into some bins!


Command hooks are also great for storing bags. Whether you  need a place to hang a  school bag, or bags that contain toys and activities, puzzles, games etc.. hooks are a perfect solution.

Keep Bins Secure

To keep toy bins and boxes where they are supposed to be, secure the with command hooks. This keeps kids from dumping all the toys out.

There are so many ways to use command hooks in your playroom. These were our top finds after scouring the internet, but you don’t need to stop with just these ideas. Get creative! Take a look around your toy room to find new ways to get the toys up off the floor using command hooks.

organize with command hooks

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