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4 Things To Do Before You Hit The Consignment Sales

Before You Head to the Sale:


Photo Credit: Mega Moms Sale, King of Prussia PA

Recently, we gave you some tips on how to smartly shop a consignment sale.  But before you even head to the sale, there are a few ways to get ready to help you find what you need quickly, all while saving money. 

Find the Sales:

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Consignment sales usually take place in the spring and the fall. Check local churches, schools, and moms clubs to see which groups host a sale. Search online for sales close to you. Kids Consignment Sales is a great place to start. Talk to your friends about which sales are their favorite, taking into consideration the size of the sale and the quality of the items presented. Then, make a list of all the dates and decide which ones you want to go to and which ones you want to hit first!

Take Inventory:

This is a super important step and will save you from buying things you might already have! Before you hit the consignment sale, check out what your kids need. Do the snow boots from last year still fit? Have they outgrown their old bike? Are they in desperate need of jeans? Taking stock of what you already have will save you time and money and allow you to quickly move through the sale.

Make A List:


Now that you know what you need, make a list! You might think you’ll remember what you need, but consignment sales are a little bit like shopping at Target-you head in for one thing but get distracted by lots of other great finds that you weren’t even expecting, you over-buy, and leave without that one thing you came for! So jot down what you need before you hit the consignment sales! 

Measure Your Kids:

Make sure you measure your kids and know what sizes they are in! There’s nothing worse than coming home from a consignment sale with the perfect dress that is too small! Since sizes vary, you can even use a ribbon or a length of string and cut it to the size of their inseam, waist, foot length, etc. Bring the string to measure the clothes to see if they’ll be a good fit.  

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Photo Credit: Mega Moms Sale, King of Prussia PA

Now you are ready to hit the consignment sales! These tips are a great way to stay keep you from buying items you don’t need or sizes that don’t work. Happy Shopping!

4 Things To Do Before You Hit The Consignment Sales--The Organized Mom

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