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Become A Part Time Minimalist

The principals of living a minimalist lifestyle are intended to help you live more peacefully and joyfully. Simply put, when you have less stuff you have more freedom. When you are able to let go of the exorbitant amount of things that most people own, you suddenly have free time to enjoy your life. Instead of working extra to buy the next, greatest car or bigger house, you now have more time and money to possibly travel more. Instead of spending countless hours on the weekends cleaning and organizing your large home and many nick knacks, you are now free to spend your time with friends and family doing activities you enjoy. However, embracing the minimalist lifestyle can seem overwhelming. You don’t have to live in a tiny house or sell off most of your possessions to do so! Here are some small ways you can live the minimalist lifestyle:

do you want to become a part time minimalist

5 Areas to Minimize

Your Wardrobe:

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wardrobe for minimalist

Chances are this is something you already do once a year or seasonally anyway. This time, try to let a few more pieces go. If you absolutely love a certain pair of jeans and you wear them all the time, by all means keep them! But if you have 5 similar black shirts, maybe let a few go.

Minimalist Reward:

While you are working through your clothes, motivate yourself to make the hard decisions by thinking of how easy it will be to find all your favorites in a less crowded closet. Also, less clothes equals less laundry! Less laundry equals more free time!

Decorative Items:

minimal living room decor

Take a walk through your home and consider the vases, pictures, and plants. Do you love all of them? Or are you hanging on to a few because they were gifts? Keep the ones you love and ditch the ones you don’t.

Minimalist Reward:

Think how much time you’ll save on dusting the pieces you never really loved!


Christmas ornaments

Holiday decor is an easy place to minimize your stuff. The next time you pull a box out of storage for a holiday, go piece by piece and only keep what you really love and use every year.

Minimalist Reward:

Next year it will be easier to carry a smaller or less boxes to and from storage every year. Also consider how much time this will save you in putting out decorations and packing them up.

Kitchen gadgets:

hanging kitchen tool

A good rule of thumb for kitchen gadgets is to never have one item that only does one thing! Do you really need a specific tool to hull strawberries? You can easily use the paring knife that you already have. Also, don’t have duplicates. You don’t really need two paring knives when you can quickly wash in between cutting jobs.

Minimalist Reward:

Drawers that are easy to open and close because they are not over full and being able to find the tools you need easily!


laptop, office space

Bills, and junk mail, and coupons seem to take over counter space and office desks. It’s not a pleasant environment to cook or work with the piles looming! Switch to online bill paying, call the companies sending you junk mail and asked to be removed from their list, and only save coupons if you are really going to use them!

Minimalist Reward:

Picture yourself sitting at your uncluttered desk and how much easier it will be to concentrate on your work instead of getting sidetracked by a bill that needs to be paid.  

By applying the principles of minimalism in a smaller way, you can reap the rewards of added free time to enjoy your life without living an extreme minimalist lifestyle!


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