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Terrific Toys for a 4 Month Old

When it comes to entertaining babies, the first year is the hardest part. Along with the rapid growth of babies and their minds, their needs also vary from month to month. If you are looking for something fun to do with your 4 month old, here are some great toys to develop sensory skills, motor skills, and more!

The Best Toy for 4 Month Old

The truth is there is no single best toy when it come to a 4 month old baby.  Each and every one of these options are perfect. Remember, a four month old is really starting to grab everything they can with their hands , and we want to encourage that with their toys.
Here are some of our favorites:

After having two children, here’s what I look for when picking baby toys:

  • Size and shape. Is it easy for a baby to grab?
  • Not too many hard parts. As babies learn to grab, you will notice they get so excited they flail their arms and hands around. It is very easy for a baby to clock themselves in the face with a toy!
  • Something to chew on. Both of my babies were teething at 4 months old, so it is important to pick something your baby can safely chew on.
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Let’s take a look at each of these baby toys in more detail:

Skip Hop Bandana Buddy

Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Baby Activity and Teething Toy with Multi-Sensory Rattle and Textures, Elephant

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This Skip Hop Bandana Buddy is a perfect companion for your baby. Each buddy has a bandana and rings for chewing and grabbing, tags for playing with, and even crinkles and rattles.

This buddy is full of fun and texture for curious people, and can clip on to things like strollers and car seats.

They are made of super soft material, and are great for color recognition skills.

Melissa & Doug Flip Fish Baby Toy

Melissa & Doug Flip Fish Soft Baby Toy toys for a 4 month old

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This Melissa & Doug Flip Fish toy has it all.

The tail has tips for baby to chew on, and each of the scales can be pulled back, and well, of course chewed on.

The scales have many features like patterns, different textures, crinkles, and even mirrors.

There are even hidden surprises for your baby to find as they learn how to pull on the scales.

Freddie The Firefly

Lamaze Freddie The Firefly

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Freddy the Firefly is another great toy for your 4 month old, and even has friends!  It is another great toy that hits all the boxes for this development age, like visual development and visual sense.

This toy is similar to the Skip Hop bandana buddies, however comes in a different variety of creatures, click on them to learn more about these great friends!

Lamaze Clip on Toy, Captain CalamariLamaze Walla Koala, Clip On Toy, Multi toys for a 4 month old

Baby Einstein Octoplush Plush Toy

toys for a 4 month old Baby Einstein Octoplush Musical Octopus Stuffed Animal Plush Toy, Age 3 Month+, Blue, 11

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This Baby Einstein plush octopus teaches your little one colors in English, French, and Spanish.

After it says the color that corresponds to the tentacle, it will also play a classical melody.

This is an all around great toy that will keep a baby occupied!

CHAFIN Baby Soft Rattles

CHAFIN Baby Soft Rattles Shaker , Infant Developmental Hand Grip Baby Toys , Cute Stuffed Animal with Sound for 3 6 9 12 Months and Newborn Gift(2 Pack)toys for a 4 month old

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These soft rattle shakers are great for little hands that are learning how to grab, and baby won’t hurt themselves if they bop themselves in the head.

The ring is great for baby to chew on, and also acts as a rattle when baby shakes it.  Shaking rattles is a great way for a baby to start to develop those motor skills!

Picking The Best Toys for Babies

Each and every toy on this list is a great choice to stimulate your baby.  Now let’s pick out a few and rank them from starting with our most favorite.


If you are going to purchase one toy, strongly consider one of the Skip Hop Bandana Buddies.
This is a great toy because it has so many features for your baby to explore, and comes in a variety of animals, so you are sure to find an animal you like.
Our next favorite is the Baby Einstein Octoplush Plush Toy.
This Octoplush is great because it teaches languages in three different languages, French, Spanish, and English. It also introduces your baby to classical music.


Another great baby toy is the Melissa and Doug Fish.
This one will really work baby’s fine motor skills as they learn to flip the scales to discover what is underneath.

If you are reading this, you probably are still new to the world of baby and children’s toys, and you really cannot go wrong when it comes to anything Melissa & Doug.

Last, but certainly not least is the CHAFIN Baby Soft Rattles.
You really can’t go wrong with a classic rattle toy like this, and for your younger baby, you don’t need to worry about them hitting themselves with it.

It was really hard to rank these baby toys, since any of them are a great choice for a baby!

How do I stimulate my 4 month old baby?

The best way to stimulate your 4 month old baby is to interact with them.  Singing, reading, and playing are all great ways to do this.  Toys that are bright in color and help develop motor skills like the ones on this list are all great for play time.

Another great activity to stimulate your 4 month old is of course tummy time!  Hold toys in front of your four month old during tummy time to encourage them to look at the toys, and therefore prop themselves up.

Playing With Your Four Month Old Baby

If you are a new parent, you may be wondering how to play with your four month old.

When introducing your baby to a new toy, be sure to show them how to use it! Shake the rattle and show them how the soft animals crinkles, then place the toy next to baby.

This will encourage the baby to try the toy all by themselves! It may take them a few tries to grasp it, but just watch their little smile as they learn how to play with something new for the first time.

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