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15 Fall Party Games for Kids: Fun Activities for Fall Parties

Having some fun fall party games and activities for kids is a great way to get the kids outside to enjoy the beautiful fall weather. These fun fall games will be a fun way to bring in the harvest season.

Fall is one of the best times to get together with friends and family for a party. This time of year is perfect for little ones, because it’s cool out but not cold enough to need layers of clothes.

group of preteens at halloween party for kids sitting on a sidewalk stoop and smiling for the camera
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These party games and activities are perfect for fall family gatherings or playdates. The kids will have a blast as they play the games and participate in the activities.

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Ready to get the party started?!  Here are some ideas for games that will keep everyone entertained at your next event:

Fall Party Games for Kids

Fall Sack Races

Remember those giant potato sack races we use to love watching and participating in? Well, why not bring it back and use it for a fun activity for kids to play during the fall party! The kids will have a blast racing across the yard in their sacks!

Children having a sack race in park on a sunny day

Pumpkin Bowling

Bowling is always fun, and the kids love seeing how many pins they can knock down. To make it a fun fall game, you can use small pumpkins for the bowling ball and plastic cups or bowling pins to see who can knock down the most pins.

Fall Scavenger Hunt

Design a scavenger hunt for fall and have the kids come together to see if they can use the clues to find the prize. You can also find a variety of different fall scavenger hunt printables online for free.

Pin the Leaf on the Tree

Create a tree out of construction paper and tape to a wall, or draw one on poster or foam board. Cut out leaf shapes and have kids take turns filling up the tree with colorful fall leaves!

Fall Obstacle Course

You can use just about anything to create an obstacle course for the kids to go through and they will have fun completing the course. If you want to make it competitive you can, or you can make a course and just let the kids go crazy working their way through it.

Fall Painting Stations

Setting up a painting station for fall is a fun outdoor or indoor activity for kids that allows them to get creative. For even more fun, use nature themed items like leaves and sticks to create the art projects.

Pumpkin Ring Toss

Ring toss is always a fun game for kids and if you are looking for a way to turn it into a fun fall activity, use pumpkins! You can place the pumpkins on the ground and then have children use different items, like hula hoops or those glow in the dark rings to try and get the rings around the pumpkins.

Fall Craft Activities

Grab the crafting supplies and get the kids together to create some fun fall crafts. You can use many of the supplies you have at home and the kids will love creating their own crafts.

You can also search Pinterest for some fun apple or pumpkin craft activities for inspiration and ideas. 

We have some great scarecrow crafts that are perfect for a Harvest party, as well as ghost crafts when you get closer to Halloween!

collage of cute scarecrow craft ideas with text 16 scarecrow crafts for kids

Pumpkin and Broom Races

You may have just raised an eyebrow but hear me out! You can have the kids race to see who can be the first to use the broom to roll the pumpkin to the finish line. This works well for a group of small children with each having their own broom and pumpkin, or for larger groups you can create teams.

Candy Spoon Races

We love using spoons with little pieces of candy corn or candy pumpkin on them and racing to see who can be the first over the finish line without losing their candy.

If you want to get extra adventurous, you can use apples instead of mini candies. The apples make it a little more challenging since they are bigger than the spoon.

Leaf Pile Diving

One of the best things about fall is that those pretty leaves are turning colors and falling on the ground.

Before you rake them up and haul them off, let the kids have some fun with them! Rake the leaves into a pile and let the kids take turns jumping into the pile of leaves. 

smiling girl playing outside in fall leaves

Apple Dipping

Apples are a staple for fall and a great way to incorporate them into a fun fall activity is to dip them into caramel, chocolate, or other flavors. After the apples are complete, the kids will love biting into their new fall treats.

Fall I SPY Printable Game

For some tabletop fun, grab copies of our free Fall I SPY game printable and let kids see how many fall themed items they can find on the page.

fall thanksgiving i spy printable game on a orange background with scarecrow clipart with text fall I SPY thanksgiving free printable game

While there are so many different fall party games that you can play, these are just a few of our favorites and ones that I think the kiddos will enjoy. Many of these can be done outside with friends and family allowing everyone to have fun at the fall party.

Check out these ideas for more fall fun!

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