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33 Halloween Party Games Tweens + Kids Will Love

Planning a Halloween bash and looking for some excitement? Here are some Halloween party games tweens and kids alike will enjoy.

From spooky games for tweens to fun Halloween games that younger children will find fun, these Halloween party games for kids bring the best of both spooky and scary!

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Whether you are planning a Halloween party for the neighborhood kids or just looking for some activities to play at a classroom party, these Halloween party activities are simple to plan and execute, and most require little to no materials!

Hosting a fall or harvest party that isn’t just for Halloween? Check out these fun fall party games for kids as well!

preteen kids wearing halloween costumes and playing an kids halloween party game by giving piggy back rides to friends in a relay

The Best Spooky Halloween Party Games for Tweens

Make a Halloween Spooky Game Board

You can make a spooky game board for your friends to play with you! Draw the hallways of your house on paper, and then divide them into blocks.

Create different Roles with special items for players such as: the ghost, the vampire, the mummy, and so forth. Put “X”s on some of the blocks to show how many pieces of candy each player must collect–the more candy, the better!

If you want to make it even spookier, decorate each hallway by putting drawings of ghosts and spiders and cobwebs all over it.

Draw and Decorate Your Own Haunted House

Draw and decorate your own haunted house, complete with ghosts in the windows, bats flying around outside, and spiders everywhere.

Draw stairs leading to the top of the haunted house where skeletons are hanging!

Create a Spooky Story Together

Create your very own Halloween story together. You can tell it by yourself or act it out by playing the different characters.

Try to make a spooky story that will make your friends laugh!

Watch & Create Horror Movies Together in the Dark!

Grab a group of friends, hold hands, and watch horror movies in pitch darkness! Ask each person to make up their own scary scene by describing it without light.

This trick is sure to make your friends jump!

House of Haunts

How to play: Divide into groups and line up on opposite sides of a room or hallway. Using flashlights, point them at the wall and try to make your way across the hall without being scared by scaring each other!

If you get scared, go back to your starting place in the “house” before someone else who hasn’t crossed yet scares you again. The first person to get all the way across without getting scared wins!

Halloween Ghosts in the Graveyard

How to play: Each player takes turns being “it” and running around outside trying to tag other players. If you’re tagged, you become a ghost and try to scare other people by going “boo!”

If anyone hears a ghost scream, they have to go back to the graveyard while you turn into a person again. The last player left is the winner!

Halloween Hangman

How to play: The person who is “it” picks a Halloween related word from a selection of words and everyone else tries to guess the word or phrase.

Each time they guess a wrong letter, they have to hang one part of their body on the imaginary gallows. If they guess incorrectly, their head is placed in the noose!

The first player to guess the word or phrase without hanging themselves wins!

Non Scary Halloween Games for Kids

Play “Guess Who” with Costumes on

If you have a group of friends that are coming over, try playing the classic game, “Guess Who?” However, instead of guessing by facial features and hair styles, play this Halloween version where the players wear costumes!

Make Some of Your Favorite Treats for the Night

Decorate cupcakes for your friends with marshmallow frosting and candy corn or chocolate chips on top.

You can also make doughnuts using powdered sugar and strawberry jam or one of these yummy Halloween breakfast ideas. Make some of your favorite treats to share on Halloween night or to take home as favors!

decorated halloween cupcakes with orange, black and white frosting and halloween themed candy

Pin the Nose on the Jack-O-Lantern.

How to play : Blindfold the players and hand them a nose (one per player).

They must pin it to the Jack o Lantern face as close as possible to where they think is right.

Halloween Pictionary

How to play: Make or print out cards with Halloween words like witch, ghost, pumpkin, Dracula, Frankenstein etc… Put all cards face down and take turns drawing.

If the other players guess the word correctly, they get to keep the card as a point.

The player with the most points after all cards have been used up is the winner!

Guess Who? Halloween Edition

How to play: Invite everyone over for a costumer party where their face is covered with a mask.

Ask each player to bring a photo of themselves NOT wearing their Halloween costume.

Each player tries to guess who they are by asking the other players questions like “Do I have blue eyes?” (No, the answer is “the witch”). The first player to correctly guess who they are wins!

Halloween Charades

How to play: This is a twist on regular charades. Two teams of players guess what their teammates are acting out while holding their hands behind their backs. If they guess correctly, they get a point and the guesser can go again.

The first team to reach 10 points wins.

Hide and seek the pumpkins

Hide real or paper pumpkins all around the house and yard. See how many pumpkins the children can find, or write a funny task or riddle on each pumpkin and have them search for all of the pumpkins.

First one to complete all, wins!

Halloween Bingo

This Halloween Bingo card set is easy to download and print out, and includes enough Bingo cards for everyone. Use candy as bingo markers, or supply stickers or crayons to cross out squares as each get called out.

halloween bingo cards on a purple background with owl

Pass the Pumpkin

Just like Hot Potato, Pass the Pumpkin is played in a circle with players passing around a pumpkin while there is music playing. When the music stops, whoever has the pumpkin is out.

This can be played with mini pumpkins, or for a funny twist a large and slightly heavy pumpkin!

Haunted House

Host a haunted house for kids, or for even more fun, have the kids use a box of decorations to set up a haunted house of their own! It is funny to see what kids think will scary their parents, who can go through their haunted house when they are done.

Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe

How to Play: Draw a simple Tic Tac Toe board on a large piece of paper.

Give each player 3 small pumpkins and have them place one pumpkin in each box. Make sure the ‘X’s’ and ‘O’s’ are turned around so no one knows who they are!

Players take turns tossing their pumpkin into the middle of the board.

Halloween Concentration

How to Play: Give everyone a stack of Halloween cards. Players try to collect as many pairs as they can, turning the cards over one at a time and looking for matches.

The player with the most pairs wins!

Halloween Go Fish

How to Play: Collect 5 or 10 different types of candy and write numbers on each card (1-5 or 1-10). Place all the candy in a pile and give each player 5 cards.

Players take turns asking for specific cards by number, but they can only ask another player who has at least one of that card as long as it’s not on top of the pile.

If a player doesn’t have any of the requested candy, they must pick one card from the pile. If they have it, they can give it to the player who asked for it and pick another card.

The first player to get rid of all their cards wins!

Halloween I Spy

How to play: Give a list of items and shapes that have been hung around the room.

Everyone has 5 minutes to go around the room and find all of the shapes that they can, counting how many they see. After 5 minutes, everyone comes back together and takes turns saying what they saw and where they found it.

Students can also work in teams to find all of the missing ones!

Halloween Memory

How to play: Make a deck of cards from construction paper by cutting out two identical copies of each card (one for the player and one to use as a spare).

Give each player their own deck of cards. Players take turns flipping two cards over at a time trying to find matches. If they have a match, they collect those cards and it is the next person’s turn. The first player to collect all 10 pairs wins!

Halloween PhotoBooth

Use Halloween props and costumes while making funny faces and take pictures with a mirror or in a DIY photobooth!

kids and mom creating halloween photo booth props for a fun halloween party for kids with lots of decorations around

Not-So-Spooky Scavenger Hunt

How to Play: Create a list of items that relate to Halloween and place them around the party. These can be decorations, gifts, favors, signs, pictures, etc, and give the children a list of what to look for. This can be as simple or as creative as you like!

Halloween Tug of War

How to play: Make two even teams and mark a line about 20 ft. from the end of a long rope (the “finish line”). At the other end, mark another line about 6 ft. away for each team (the “start line”). Tie one end of each rope to something sturdy on either side.

Give every player their own pumpkin and have them stand behind their start line.

The first player on each team tries to move their pumpkin across the finish line by pulling on their own rope. The last player to do so wins!

Halloween Twister

How to Play: Everyone finds a spot on the spooky twister board. Then, call out different colors and directions (no spinning!)

When you say “go!”, everyone tries to be the first to get their pumpkin in the spot that matches the color and direction. The last player to do so wins!

Pumpkin Bowling

How to play: Set up pins using empty plastic soda bottles, or milk containers. Use a sharpie to draw faces or ghost eyes/mouth on the bottles.

Have the children take turns rolling the pumpkin towards the “pins”. Each child gets two turns to knock down as many as they can.

Reset the pins for the next player.

Pumpkin Tag

How to Play: Everyone sits in a circle and sets their pumpkins in the middle of the circle. One person is “It.” They try to tag as many other players as they can within one minute.

If someone’s pumpkin gets tagged, that player has to sit

Easy Halloween Party Games for Kids That Require No Setup

Simon Says: Halloween Moves Edition

How to play: Everyone sits in a circle. One person is “It.” Have them choose different types of Halloween activities to pretend to do (fly like a witch, roll like a pumpkin, etc) it’s not Simon’s command, you must remain still.

20 Questions: Halloween Edition

How to play: One person thinks of a Halloween object (ghost, pumpkin etc…) and everyone else takes turns asking questions to try and guess what it is.

They can only ask yes or no questions like “Is it something you eat?” (Yes, the answer is “pumpkin”!) The player who guesses correctly gets to keep thinking of an object for someone else!

Haunted Hide and Seek

How to play: One person is “it” and closes their eyes while everyone else leaves the room. When it’s time for them to open their eyes again, they have to try and find the other players in different rooms of the house without being spotted.

If anyone is “it” when you find them, you have to go back to your room while they search for other players. The last person left wins!

Halloween Thumb Wrestling

How to play: Have everyone sit down in a circle with their thumbs up.

The first player tries to push the other players’ thumb down. If they succeed, those players have to stand up and try again from the back of the circle.

Keep going until someone wins!

Monster Mash Dance Party

Check out Spotify or any of your favorite music streaming apps for a fun kids Halloween playlist and let the kids dance til they drop! Add some fun by playing freeze dance, where kids have to freeze like a mummy or other character when the music stops.

Halloween is a time for kids to get spooked and have fun. With the Halloween party games for kids we’ve shared, your child will be able to enjoy all of their favorite Halloween activities in one night! They can go trick-or-treating, play spooky scavenger hunts or just make funny faces with the mirror while you take pictures.

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