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10 Fun Things to do on Halloween as a Teenager

Find some ways below to make Halloween more spooky and teenager-friendly with this list of the top things to do on Halloween as a teenager.

How can you make Halloween fun again for your teen? It’s simple, let them enjoy the holiday with fun or spooky activities!

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Find lots of fun ideas to do on Halloween with teens below, and be sure to also check out our big list of Halloween party games tweens love playing for more inspiration!


Now you can get scared and really have some fun! There are so many fun and spooky activities to do on Halloween as you get older. In all reality, Halloween is really meant for adults.

One of the main things you can do on Halloween is Haunted Houses. This will have your teenager second-guessing the idea of Halloween being “for kids”. They will be screaming in horror (good horror) before you know it. 

If you are looking for fun ways to keep your teenager entertained during Halloween, You’re in luck! I have some great activities and games that are kid and teen-friendly. Halloween is one of the coolest holidays, show your teenagers how they too can have fun, no matter the age!

The best thing about these activities is that their friends can tag along too!

10 Activities for your Teenager on Halloween

Let’s dive into some spooky fun activities to do on Halloween for anyone who thinks Halloween is no longer their favorite.

Go to a Haunted House 

What is scarier than a Haunted House? I really can’t think of much! Haunted Houses continue to get scarier by the year. You hear about these large Haunted Houses giving you the “scare of a lifetime.” I believe it! 

If your teenager is ready for some truly spooky traditions, take them to a local haunted house for some terrifying fun. 

Scary Movie Marathon

Grab your favorite movie snacks and a full night of spooky movies. On a dark Halloween night, gather your favorite snacks, dim the lights, light some candles, and put on a scary movie marathon. Some great movie ideas would be Twitches, Halloweentown, Beetlejuice, and Hocus Pocus. What are some of your favorite movies?

Throw a Halloween Party

3 teens dressed as witches at a teen halloween party

Plan a fun Halloween-themed party for your friends and family to attend. Choose a spooky theme such as The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, or Hocus Pocus. They may be too old for trick or treating but they won’t be too old to throw a Halloween party for their friends to attend!

Bonus points: Have some picture-worthy decor and costumes for your teenager to use. 

Or host a haunted sleepover on Halloween and wake up your preteens or teens with these cool Halloween breakfast ideas.

Tell Spooky Stories

On a cold Halloween evening, sitting by the fire with the lights dimmed is the perfect ambiance. Gather everyone and sit in the living room by the fire for a spooky storytime. This may seem 

“Childish” to your teenager at first, but with a little bit of background music and good storytelling, it is sure to spook them!

Find stories online to read or find a book filled with scary stories. This is a fun twist to your traditional campfire stories, and inside!

Do a photoshoot in a pumpkin patch

Your teen can grab some great shots for their Instagram account, while you enjoy spending time 1:1 while also eating cider donuts!

Paint Pumpkins 

Choose to paint pumpkins or carve pumpkins this year. Painting pumpkins is a fun craft that kids of all ages love to do.

They can get creative with their own designs and colors. Make it a competition and raise the stakes! Whoever has the best-painted pumpkin gets to choose the movie.

Find a Murder Mystery Dinner 

Have you ever tried to solve a murder? Well, let’s just say it can get a bit messy and even more dramatic! Host a murder mystery party or attend a local one near you. Let’s be honest, we are all dramatic as teenagers, turning into a whole different character inside of the story. 

One of you is the murderer, but who? Dress up in costumes and alter your voice to dive into the characters more. Will you be the first to guess who did it?

Halloween Bingo 

Grab these free Halloween-themed bingo cards online. You will have squares with ghosts, witches, pumpkins, mummies, and black cats on them. Call out the different squares until someone gets a BINGO. The winner gets a special prize! 

Pie Eating Contest 

This is a fun and yummy game to play with the family. It may not be scary but it sure is delicious. Grab some paper plates, whipped cream, gummy worms, and gummy bears. Place a few gummy worms and gummy bears on the plate, then spray the whipped cream on top burying the gummies. 

Have the person sit behind the plate with their hands behind their back. They have to try to get to the bottom of the plate where the gummies are before their opponent does. Make it a competition and see who can get to the gummies the fastest. 

Warning, you may get a bit messy with this one!

Scary Dare Game 

One time or another your teenager has played truth or dare right? Well, Scary Dare is just that, minus the truths and a lot spookier. Cut up multiple pieces of paper and hand everyone about 6 or 7. Have everyone write down a spooky dare, fold them, and then put them in the bowl. 

You should have at least one person on the side managing the music. Mix the papers around in the bowl and have the non-player start the music. Pass the bowl around the circle and once the music stops, whoever is holding the bowl has to do the dare. 

Bob for Apples

Bobbing for apples is a festival favorite. Get a large bucket and fill it with water. Grab a few apples and have your teenager step up to be the first to play. Have them put their hands behind their back and try to grab an apple with only their mouth. 

It seems easier than it really is. Catch the apples while they float away from you and whoever gets an apple the fastest wins!

Even though kids can play this too, it is always something that makes people laugh regardless of age!

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