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42 Birthday Party Themes for Kids Based on Interests

This list of birthday party themes for kids by interests take the stress out of party planning for the parents of young children.

Themed children’s birthday parties allow limitless fun and creativity.

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But it can be a little overwhelming to decide on a theme and then plan a successful party around it.

Here are some tips, ideas, and sample birthday party themes for party planning.

birthday party table setup with swee deer and woodland decor, treats, cookies and a deer dress

Components of a Children’s Birthday Party

Parties are comprised of the following six elements that require attention when planning:

1. Invitations (we have a full guide to help you figure out what to write in a child’s party invitation)

2. Decorations

3. Games and activities (check out this huge list of birthday party games)

4. Refreshments and/or lunch

5. Cake

6. Party favors for guests

It’s best to choose a theme and then somehow incorporate it into each of these 6 elements.

Themed parties can be simple and inexpensive, or they can be elaborate and costly.

Decide on a budget and how much time and effort you will ideally spend on the party ahead of time to eliminate headaches later.

You can easily get everything you need for a themed party at Oriental Trading, or you can DIY everything.

Choosing a Children’s Birthday Party Theme

Virtually anything can make a great birthday party theme if it’s done right. The best way to choose a good birthday party theme is to make a list of the birthday boy or girl’s favorite:

  •  colors
  •  board games
  •  TV shows or movie themed party
  •  animals
  •  hobbies and interests
  •  subjects in school
  •  heroes
  •  what child wants to be when s/he grows up

Just by making a list, some good ideas should already be coming to mind. Don’t forget to ask for input from the birthday boy or girl if they are above the age of 2 or 3.

Big List of Kid Birthday Party Themes

Animal Birthday Themes

collage of different animals and animal party images with text animal birthday theme ideas
  •  Dinosaurs
  •  Elephants
  •  Penguins
  •  Turtles
  •  Bugs
  •  Horses or ponies
  •  Fish
  •  Dogs
  •  Butterflies
  •  Baby Animals
  •  Zoo Animals
  •  Jungle Animals

People and Occupations that Make Awesome Party Themes

collage of people in careers that would make good birthday party themes such as firefighter, football players, astronaut, police, superhereo, cowboy
  •  Jungle Explorer
  •  Cowboy/Cowgirl
  •  Pirate
  •  Fireman
  •  Police Officer
  •  Superheroes
  •  Astronaut
  •  Doctor
  •  Farmer
  •  Football player (or any sport)
  •  Cheerleader

TV and Movie Characters as Party Themes

  •  Barbie
  •  Disney Princesses
  •  Tinkerbell
  •  Dora the Explorer
  •  Cars
  •  Batman
  •  Spiderman
  •  Transformers
  •  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  •  Hannah Montana
  •  High School Musical

With appropriate planning and foresight, it’s easy to choose a great theme and put together a birthday party that kids love.

Always remember that the party is about the birthday boy or girl, so keep them at the center of all potential plans.

Check out our favorite party themes for girls and party themes for boys too!

kids having a themed party

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