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Bunny Crafts for Kids To Make This Easter

Easter is one of our favorite times to make bunny crafts for kids.

When the kids were younger, it was a yearly tradition at school. The kids would gather around and we would spend the last day before break making Easter crafts.

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Bunnies were always a popular choice! The kids loved them and it was fun watching them get creative. Their second popular choice was always rainbow crafts.

You gotta make fun Easter treats to go with Easter bunny crafts!

When we make bunny crafts or any crafts for that matter, we love enjoying special treats. It just makes the experience more fun.

Some of my favorite Easter treats:

There are a ton of other tasty no bake Easter desserts that you can serve as you make the crafts.

Free Printable Easter Bunny Craft & Activities

Bunny Crafts for Kids To Make This Easter

1. Cardboard Tube Bunnies from Drug Store Divas. Cute and fun, these easy to make toilet paper roll bunnies will be a hit.

2. Easter Bunny Bag Puppet from Kenarry. Simple and cute, this fun Easter bunny is made from a paper bag.

3. Easter Bunny Bookmarks from Artsy Craftsy Mom. These Easter bookmarks will make a fun craft that they can use to keep track of their spot as they read.

4. Paint A Bunny Canvas from Me and My Inklings. Super cute and fun, the kids will love drawing and painting their own Easter bunny.

5. Easter Bunny Paper Basket from Brooklyn Active Mama. A cute bunny craft for Easter, these paper baskets and bunnies are fun to make.

6. Cute Bunny Bags from Moms and Munchkins. These adorable paper bag bunnies can be customized with their favorite colors.

7. No-Sew Bunnies from Ann’s Entitled Life. Another easy to make craft for Easter, these cute bunnies are fun.

8. Popsicle Sticks Easter Characters from Artsy Craftsy Mom. Kids will love making a sheep, the Easter bunny, and a chick.

9. Bunny Paper Craft from Artsy Craftsy Mom. Cute and colorful, these Easter bunny paper crafts are adorable.

Easter Bunny Crafts for Kids

Bunny Crafts for Kids To Make This Easter

10. Easter Bunny Pom Pom Garland from Decor Hint. Add some cuteness to your Easter decor with this easy bunny pom pom garland.

11. Cotton Ball Bunnies from The Best Ideas for Kids. Easy and fun, these bunnies are made with cotton balls and a few other supplies.

12. Easter Bunny Candy Containers from Plate In 28. Use these fun containers as an Easter craft so kids can hold their favorite Easter candy.

13. Cardboard Bunny Family from Crafts by Amanda. Another fun way to use up toilet paper rolls, this bunny family is a cute Easter bunny craft for kids.

14. Preschool Bunny Paper Plate Craft from Hunny I’m Home DIY. Cotton balls are used to make a cute bunny on a paper plate scenery.

15. Plastic Egg Bunnies from Kara’s Party Ideas. Cute and easy to make, these bunnies are made with plastic eggs and pipe cleaners.

16. Paper Bunnies from Simple Everyday Mom. Colorful and fun, kids will love creating these paper bunnies.

17. Easter Bunny Eggs from Frugal Mom Eh. Kids will have a blast decorating eggs to look like bunnies with this craft.

18. Washcloth Bunny from Confession of an Overworked Mom. Cute and easy to make, this washcloth bunny can become a new friend or used as a decoration.


More Creative Easter Ideas:

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