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Candy Bar Birthday Wrapper Round Up!

A simple and inexpensive way to show a friend you are thinking of them on their birthday is to give them a candy bar with a special birthday wrapper!  When I was searching online for candy bar wrappers, I found lots of valentines wrappers, and even Halloween wrappers, but not a ton in the way of BIRTHDAY Wrappers!  So, this round up wasn’t easy.  I wanted to share it anyway, because I had a neighbor create the one I’ve been using for my church group over the past year, and so many people loved it, that I wanted to share it as a free birthday printable.  So, that was the beginning, and the rest are for every day use!

candy bar wrapper for birtthdays with free printable

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This first wrapper is the one I had my neighbor make for my womens relief society group. But,, it truly can be used for any Christian group! Print  This birthday wrapper here.  The candy bar that it was designed for is the 1.5 ounce Symphony bars.  While my local grocery store does carry this bar, so many don’t! I have to go to one specific store, or buy a case of them on Amazon,.. which I do!

lds relief society birthday idea candy bar wrapper both sides

Standard Birthday!  This wrapper can be used for ANY birthday- or any age.  So cute.  I did print and wrap it with the symphony bar, but it was slightly too big for that. So, I would even print it a little smaller, or use a standard Hershey bar for this one.candy-bar-happy-birthday

Mini Wrappers from Lil Luna!  I love these mini’s! You could take a whole bag of the mini chocolates and wrap them all. Then place them in a fun jar for a birthday, or a gift bag with a ribbon.


These mini’s I wanted to link to, because she has a variety of wrappers for all occasions from Soda Pop Ave


Simple birthday from Hello Cuteness. Another simple birthday, but this one might be appropriate for a child. Either way, super cute for anyone!


And last, this fun polka dot style from a site called: Piggy Bank Parties. Since they are blank, you could personalize it for someone by adding their name!


There you have it! These are some fun and free printables that you can use for the next time you want to treat someone for their birthday!

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