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How to Clean a Keurig Coffee Machine

One of the best housewarming gifts I ever received was a Keurig! I love my Keurig for making coffee and hot beverages of all kinds. But one thing I didn’t know how to do when I first started using my Keurig was to clean it.

Like many specialized appliances, it’s best to learn the right way to clean it before you do something that could damage your machine. After some research and a little trial and error, here is what I’ve learned about cleaning a Keurig.

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Descaling Keurig

How to Clean a Keurig Coffee Machine

Cleaning your Keurig is a must if you want to keep your machine working without clogs or other problems. None of us want to wake up ready to brew our morning cup of coffee only to have a clogged machine sputtering out a few unsatisfying drops.

So, cleaning and machine maintenance for your Keurig is a must! Cleaning a Keurig is something you should do roughly every 3 months. Wondering how to clean a Keurig?  Don’t worry, we have you covered and it is easier than you thought!

We’re also going to use one of our favorite cleaners of all time, vinegar!  Read on to find out how to clean a Keurig with vinegar.

Cleaning a Keurig

1. Unplug Your Machine

You’re going to be disassembling your Keurig for washing so do unplug the machine before you get started.

2. Remove Washable Parts

Once your Keurig is unplugged, remove the water reservoir, the K-cup holder, and the mug stand. Wash these parts in warm soapy water once you’ve removed them.

3. Clean the Needles

This part is a little tricky. The best advice I’ve received is to unbend a paperclip a little bit. Use the unbent end to clean the three holes along the needle that pokes open your K-cups. This should remove any debris that might clog your machine.

4. Surface Wash with a Wet Cloth

While your machine is taken apart, use a wet cloth to wipe down the outside of your Keurig. Then wipe down the inside where you place your K-cups to remove any grounds or other debris.

5. Reassemble Your Machine

Now that you’ve cleaned all the removable Keurig parts and wiped down your machine you’ll need to reassemble it before you begin descaling.

Descaling Keurig

6. Fill the Reservoir with Vinegar

Cleaning a Keurig involves descaling with white vinegar. To descale your Keurig fill the reservoir with vinegar and place the reservoir back on your machine.

7. Start the Brew Cycle

Start the brew cycle WITHOUT placing a K-cup inside. Keep running the brew cycle over and over until the reservoir is empty, throwing out the hot vinegar after each cycle.

8. Rinse with Water Repeatedly

After running vinegar through your Keurig you will want to run the brew cycle several times with plain water to rinse away any remaining vinegar. When you think you’re done, taste the last cup of water.

If there is a vinegar taste, you’ll want to run another brew cycle with plain water. The vinegar flavor will do nothing good for your morning cup of coffee. Continue to brew with water until there is no longer any trace of the vinegar.

cup of coffee

If you go through this process for cleaning a Keurig every three months or so, your Keurig should be serving you single cups of hot coffee for a long time to come.

Still have questions?  We have answers.

How long do you let vinegar sit in a Keurig?

You really don’t need to let the vinegar sit in a Keurig, just put some vinegar in the reservoir and run the brew cycle.  You can also detach your reservoir and wash it with hot soapy water to clean it, there is no value in leaving vinegar in it.

Will vinegar ruin a Keurig?

No, a vinegar will not ruin a Keurig.  Vinegar is of the safest natural cleaning products around and will not damage your Keurig.

Is descaling solution better than vinegar?

No, descaling solution is not better than vinegar.  Vinegar is actually a natural descaler, so you can save a ton of money by just using vinegar instead!

How often should I clan my Keurig?

Clean your Keurig at least every three months!  There’s nothing wrong with doing it more often, especially if it seems to be not working right.  This vinegar cleaning method for your Keurig may solve many of its problems!

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