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DIY Earring Organization

5 Minute DIY Project: Earring organizer

These are my earrings.  I keep them in this super organized tupperware.  Booooring.

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Actually, I really like this container, and whenever I travel I use it to take jewelry with me.  So yeah, it’s actually a good way to organize earrings and jewelry.  BUT, I want something pretty to have in my closet for an earrinng organizer.

And my mom found this cool oval frame for me at a yard sale for $1.  And when someone gives you a cool frame, you gotta do somethin’ with it, am I right?

I picked up a variety of lace at Hobby Lobby. I bought about two yards total, and spent about $5.00.  The type of lace doesn’t matter. Any will do, and the more creative you are, the better!

Then I cut pieces to size, and glued them inside the frame.  I didn’t measure, just kind of eye-balled it. I had a three year old who needed to pee clinging to my leg. Time is precious my friends.

Then I flipped it over, added earrings, and hung it on the wall.


Not bad for five bucks. Six, if I pay back my mom for the frame.  Which she and I both know deep down, I most likely never will.  She’s a good mom.

I love this earring organizer! It literally took $5 and 5 minutes!  DIY HOME ORGANIZATION - JEWELRY earring organizer



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Wednesday 28th of December 2011

I knew you would come up with.something fabulous for the frame. Too cute luv Mom