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Easy Ways to Decorate Your Home for Spring

Decorating your home for spring is a great way to prepare for the warmer weather. Spring brings a sense of renewal and your home should reflect that. There are so many great ways to spruce up your home with pastels, handmade crafts and inviting artwork.

Tips and Tricks To Decorate Your Home For Spring

Follow these ideas to get your home ready for spring.

Colors and Patterns

Pastel-Palette decorate your home for spring
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Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom from Pexels

Budding flowers and Easter colors are traditionally high on spring palettes. Use nature’s palette to inspire a change within the walls of your home. Literally. Sherwin-Williams has a great tool that you can use to match a paint color to any item. Take your new paint color and paint a focal wall in your home. The great thing about this is it can redone with each season!

Pick inspirational patterns for area rugs, throw pillows and comfy throw blankets to help spiff up the house. Some themes might include flowers, rain/raindrops or returning birds/animals. While you certainly may use a variety of spring themes, ideally pick a theme and keep it consistent throughout the room. This will create a clean and concise visual for family and guests.

Bring In Nature

One of the best ways to liven up your home for spring, is to bring in lots of live plants. Head on down to your local Lowe’s, Home Depot or farmer’s market and stock up on flowers and plants. Be sure to pick plants that are appropriate for indoors and where you can keep by plenty of sunlight.

One idea is to buy several of your favorite kind of spring flowers, and put them in colorful pots. You can then line them on the window sill and be reminded of spring not only outside, but inside as well. Some flowers that transplant easily include marigolds, pansies, and begonias. 

If allergies are an issue, there are many different kinds of artificial flowers and plants that can also be used instead of real ones. Many of these are even hard to tell that are not the real deal.

Swap out Seasonal Items

Now is a good time to switch out seasonal items such as hand towels, coasters and table runners. Pack away dark or muted colors for the vibrant colors of spring. Some of these might include: mint green, orange saffron or coral pink. If pastels aren’t your thing, stay with natural colors such as evergreen, cerulean blue or burnt orange.

Choose hand towels with gentle nods to spring. Subtle and lovely table runners also make a nice change to dining rooms. Also, change heavier throw blankets for lighter cotton or fleece ones instead. If you keep artificial fruit or natural items such as pinecones in bowl centerpieces, also switch those our with artificial flowers, twigs or a mixture of the two.

Another idea is to change thicker, heat trapping curtains out with sheer or lace curtains that can fit on the same rod. This way you aren’t having to reinstall hardware with the seasons, but are able to liven and lighten up the room.

Holiday Inspirations

There are many different religious and non religious holidays that are celebrated during spring. Some religious holidays might include Easter, Passover and Ramadan. 

For Passover, hang a beautifully crafted red cloth over your door. The site, Torah Sister Magazine, is a great tool for getting inspirations for the celebrating of Passover. Themed colors for Passover include blue and white. Use this palette to sprinkle these faith inspired colors into your home.

Easter draws from the traditional color palette of spring. Some ideas might include Easter themed railing garland or wire wrapped an Easter egg wreath for your front door. Add woven baskets around the home for small items that tend to cause clutter.

For Ramadan, hang some beautiful moon and star twinkle lights to commemorate the holiday. You can also make your own beautiful Ramandan lanterns with your kids with these steps given by Mumz Academy. 

April 22nd brings Earth Day. Use it as an influence for your spring revamp. Beautiful canvas wall maps of the world can be brought in to liven up any room. Additionally, green leaves and vibrant blues can be used to splash some color into favorite spaces. Think decorative faux ivy garland and deep ocean blue throw pillows to really bring the holiday into your home.

Smells and Ambiance 

Orange-Candle decorate your home for spring

Photo by Badulescu Badulescu from Pexels

Atmosphere is an important part of any decorating endeavor. With this in mind, bring in fresh, natural scented candles, wax melts and essential oils. Some ideas might include floral scents, fruits and herbs. You can also make your own spring-themed essential oils blends. Yankee Candle carries a whole line of spring candles that will make your home feeling like a spring wonderland in a matter of minutes. These include Fresh Cut Roses, Moonlit Cove and Lilac Blossoms. 

Decorative items such as small water foundations and sound machines can increase the feeling of spring within your home. Stone water foundations can be placed in bedrooms, living rooms or dining rooms to creative a calming effect. Additionally, sound machine set to rain, ocean or birds chirping will really get your home in spring mode.

Finishing Touches

Subtle additions to your home can be the cherry on the cake of your spring home makeover. One idea is to bring in some additional lighting to brighten any room. You can use existing lamps or switch out their shades to something more sheer or with the spring patterns mentioned previously. Keep in mind that dark shades will show less light. 

Bring in more mirrors to help reflect natural light more efficiently. You can even make your own low cost flower-themed mirror frame with the help of Jenny on Sweet Teal. All you need for this is some artificial flowers from a retailer like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, a hot glue gun and a mirror. Also, small mirrors are just as helpful in creating more light. This can be done by buying tiny vanity mirrors and placing them in picture frames. Place them in popular spots in the home, where lots of natural light comes through. 

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