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Fun Ways to Prepare For the New Decade

It’s a New Decade, and the perfect opportunity to honor your past and prepare for the future. 

prepare for the new decade

Review last decade with: Yearly Highlights 

One of the best ways to prepare for the New Decade is to review and honor the last one. 

Creating a “Yearly Highlights” record is a fun quick way to review of all that you’ve accomplished, and how much your life has changed in the past 10 years.You can do this activity with paper and pen, or with an excel spreadsheet.

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First create 10 columns, then write the years 2009-2019 at the top of the columns. Now, underneath each year, write down your most memorable experiences. You can do this individually or together as a family. 

Did you get a new job, have a baby, buy a new car, or house? Did your child learn to ride a bike, start a new school, or hit a home run? Write it down! 

When you’re done, you’ll have a satisfying overview of all the biggest moments of the last ten years. This will also help you recognize and appreciate the unique experiences each year offered. 

TIP: If you had a difficult time remembering what happened each year, you may want to consider starting a journal. Journaling can seem intimidating, but if you just commit to writing down your favorite memory or highlight of the past month then at the end of the year you’ll be able to see all the wonderful things that happened to your and your family. 

prepare for the new decade

Review Questions

Now that you have a clear memory of all the biggest highlights of the past decade, you can honestly answer each of the following questions:

1. What were the biggest lessons you learned this decade? 

2. What changes or accomplishments of this decade are you most proud of? (Go through and highlight your accomplishments) 

3. How are you, as an individual, different from the beginning of the decade to the end of it? 

4. How is your life different? 

5. Who or what are you especially grateful for in this past decade? 

Write the answers to these questions down at the bottom of your Yearly Highlights page. 

Plan for the New Decade:

Now is the perfect time to make some exciting plans and prepare for the new decade. Here are a few questions to get you started:

1. How old will you be in 2030? 

2. What do you hope to be like in 2030?

3. How old will each of your kids be?

4. What do you want to do or accomplish between now and then?  (Remember to focus on things that are within your control.) 

prepare for the new decade

Create a Time Capsule with Your Kids

The beginning of a new decade is the perfect time to create a time capsule with your kids. Kids grow and change drastically in ten years. Have a kindergartener now? She’ll be in highschool next time you open this time capsule. It’ll be a fun way to remember this time together, and to treasure your kids for who they are right now. 

What Type of Time Capsule?

There are a few different types of time capsules you can choose from. Below are two different ideas:

For families who want to actually bury a capsule and dig it back up in ten years, You may want to check out a tutorial on creating a time capsule out of PVC pipe.You can spray paint and decorate the outside and fill it with letters, pictures, and small tokens. Then seal the ends of the pvc pipe with caps and bury it. 

If that sounds too overwhelming, then just use sealing cardboard envelopes. You’ll need one for each family member, and then you can file them all into a box and tape the box closed. You can spend time decorating the envelopes and the box. Just remember to write on the outside of the box what it is and when it can be opened. 

What to Put Into Your Time Capsule

Here are a few ideas for what to put into your time capsule: 

  • Use paint and create hand and foot prints with your kids. 
  • Have your kids draw a picture of the family. 
  • Print a current photo of them and a current photo of the entire family. 
  • Record how tall they are and how much they weigh. 

The following are some questions you can ask them. Record the answers and then laugh about it together later:

  1. Write down their favorite food, favorite past time, favorite movie or TV show. 
  2. Ask them what is the best part about being their current age?
  3. What do they want to be when they grow up?
  4. Which song do they love most right now?
  5. If they were given $1,000 dollars what would you buy?
  6. What do they look forward to the most about being 10 years older? What do they think they will be doing in 10 years?  
  7. Who is their favorite person in the whole world? And why?
  8. If they could have one wish come true, what would it be?

 Hope you and your family use these ideas to prepare for the new decade! Enjoy celebrating the New Year and New Decade together.

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