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Help Your Kids Set Up A Lemonade Stand

Some summer traditions have faded out with the passage of time. Whether it’s people being more into technology, children growing up faster or added pressure to pack as much into summer as possible, many fun summer time rights of passage have become things of the past. One of these time honored traditions that should not fade away is a good old fashioned lemonade stand! Here are some tips to help get your kids set up with this cool endeavor:

Decide What You All Want Out of It

have a plan lemonade stand

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Sit down before you begin and ask the kids what they want out of their lemonade stand. Do they want to make money for their piggy banks? Do they plan on putting in equal effort as each other so that the profit can be shared equally? If income isn’t important for them, would they be interested in donating any funds to a local charity? Ask them their ideas on where to set up the stand and ideas on prices for their products? Asking these questions ahead of time will really help everyone get onto the same page and set the groundwork for the work yet to come.

Gather the Necessary Supplies

craft supplies

Load up and head down to your favorite craft or department store and pickup markers, tape, poster board, toss away cups, lemonade mix (or fresh lemons and sugar if you plan to make the homemade version), napkins and make sure that you will have something to hold the lemonade if you don’t already. Containers with an easy pour spout will likely be the best option here so that as customers are coming up they can either serve themselves or the kids can easily do this without too much of a mess.

If You Build It They Will Come

diy lemonade stand

The idea of building a lemonade stand can sound daunting to almost anyone. But, literally all you need is a table and a few chairs and you will be good! If you want to get more fancy, search Pinterest for some cool lemonade stand decorating ideas. On the outside of the table, just make sure you hang your sign so that customers know that you are selling something and not just sitting at a table for no reason.

Location, Location, Location

location for a lemonade stand

Now, you should definitely discuss where you want to setup your stand at the team meeting ahead of time. But, you should make the final judgement call on this. You can keep it as simple as setting up on the edge of your lawn closer to the road. Just keep in mind that if you live on a really quiet road, your kids probably won’t sell much lemonade.

Another way to keep things low-key but also upping their profit would be to ask a friend or family member that lives on a busier road if you can set up on their lawn instead. This option is even better if their neighborhood has a lot of foot traffic so dog walkers, moms out with their babies and joggers can stop for a nice cold drink without having to pull a vehicle over. If you really want to go big here, check as with your local chamber of commerce as to the local laws and regulations with setting up a stand in a public place, such as a park or outside a business (with the owner’s permission). Other places that you can set up are at a yard sale, a family reunion or a a local sporting event.

A Hard’s Day Work

set up a lemonade stand

Setting up and running a lemonade stand is a great way to teach your children the value of hard work, early entrepreneurship skills and the importance of teamwork. With an adult present, they can easily learn to count and manage money with this too. Getting them involved with everything from making the lemonade (with adult help so the product tastes good), to taping up the sign you all made together, to calling in and thanking customers this is a great little project for the whole family.

A few other things to consider:

  • Make sure an adult is always present with the kids at the stand. Not only for safety reason but also to help keep them organized.
  • Be fair with pricing. Most people won’t pay more than 50 cents to a dollar for a good cup of lemonade.
  • Remember that if you don’t succeed try again!Help Your Kids Set Up a Lemonade Stand

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