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How To Keep Cool When You Don’t Have A Pool

You don’t need a pool to keep cool! In my area, we are officially entering the dog days of summer. It’s hot, humid and getting increasingly hard to keep cool.  We have been spending more time inside enjoying the air conditioning.

But, I don’t want this weather to keep us indoors all the time! My kids still want to go outside and play and playing with water is just the thing they need to cool off. Here is a list of water play activities to keep you and your kiddos cool this summer!

How to Keep Cool in The Summer (No Pool Required!)

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Here are a ton ideas of how to keep cool in the summer when you don’t have a pool.  Caution!  May contain water!

Set Up A “Car Wash” for Bikes and Scooters

Grab a bucket, dish soap, and some sponges and set up a “car wash.” Kids love splashing around in soapy water cleaning their bikes, scooters, big wheels and ride on toys.

While you’re at it, grab any other outdoor toys and let them clean those too. This is also a great time to wash crocs, flip flops, and any other waterproof shoes that are showing the signs of the season.

Visit A Park With A Splash Pad

A few local parks near me have added a sprinkler section to help the kids cool down in the summer. Check out the parks in your area to see if there are any splash pad parks nearby. These are a great way for the kids to cool off safely!

Plus, when they get bored of splashing around, they can play on the playground equipment.

Turn On The Sprinkler

sprinkler fun to keep cool

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Ther are so many great options for sprinklers these days! Plus a lot of summer items are starting to go on sale, so this is a great time to buy a fun sprinkler for your yard. If you don’t have a sprinkler, you can just turn the hose on and set it upside down in your yard!

Have A Water Balloon Fight

What kid doesn’t love a water balloon fight? Plus it’s so easy to fill lots of balloons at once now with the new products they have on the market.

I can’t even tell you how many Bunch o Balloons we go through ever summer!  These are seriously the best thing ever.

Zuru Bunch O Balloons Instant 100 Self-Sealing Water Balloons Complete Gift Set Bundle, 3 Piece (300 Balloons Total)

Get it!

Draw With Ice Cubes and Paint With Water

If you are looking to do something creative with your kids, let them paint and draw with water and ice cubes. Grab some paint brushes and plastic ketchup bottles from the dollar store.

The kids will love painting the porch, deck, or sidewalk with a simple bucket of water and a paint brush. The plastic ketchup and mustard bottles can be used to squirt water drawings and to write words. You can also bring out a bowl of ice cubes and let them draw with those as well.

Play Dribble Dribble Drench

A favorite game at the end of the year fun day at my daughters’ school is Dribble Dribble Drench. It’s the same game as Duck Duck Goose, but with a sponge. The child who is “it” walks around the circle and dribbles a bit of water from the sponge on to each person’s head saying, “dribble” instead of duck.

When she choose who she would like to chase her, she says, “drench” instead of goose, drenches the person with a big squeeze from her sponge and runs! It’s a big hit with the kids and a great way to stay cool.

Have A Water Gun Fight

water gun fight

Image by timea750 from Pixabay

An old classic is a water gun fight! So grab some shooters and squirters and let the kids battle it out.

These are just a few ways to keep cool without a pool! What are your best ideas for water play in the summer?


How to Stay Cool When You Don't Have a Pool

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