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Homeschooling Supplies For High School

At the start of every school year, public schools send out a list of stationery and supplies parents need to provide for their children. This is not the case with homeschooling, and if your child is approaching their first year of high school, you may be uncertain about what they need for the optimal experience. What homeschooling supplies do you need for high school?

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For high school homeschooling, you need a backpack for activities. General stationary items such as pencils, erasers, clipboards, folders, pens, a ruler, a hole puncher, a stapler, and paper are crucial. You will need extra items for practical subjects, such as math, science, geography, and art.

Thinking about what you will need for homeschooling in high school could become overwhelming if you don’t have a complete list. However, if you’re starting your homeschool high school journey, or if you’re the parent of somebody who is, this article is for you!

The Importance Of Having Homeschool Supplies For Highschool

With so many different gadgets in our faced-paced world, it could become difficult to know what you need for high school homeschooling. 

Whether this is the first or last year, having the correct homeschool supplies in your homeschool classroom can make all the difference. It’ll save you time from constantly running to the stationary shop and optimize your whole experience! 

Although you may think there’s a big difference between the supplies you need for public schooling and homeschooling, this is not the case, and it’s all about thinking logically. 

Let’s look at all the stationary and additional items you will need for the best high school experience when you are homeschooled!

Basic Office Supplies For Highschool Homeschooling

Whether you think you need it or not, you will only benefit from having these basic office supplies close to you at all times:

Homeschool Supplies For Practical Subjects

If you gathered all your basic office supplies, you need to keep in mind that there are subjects that will require additional tools. Where a public high school may already have these tools at its fingertips, you will need to purchase them at your own cost. 

Let’s take a look at these items and how important it becomes to have them in your homeschool classroom, especially for a high school student’s subjects:

Essential Homeschool Science Supplies

If one of your subjects is science, you’ll need some additional items for experiments. Some of these items are crucial for the practicality and safety of these experiments, and you should be equipped with them:

  • Science test tubes: These are not expensive, and you can buy them in pairs. It would be best to get ones with stands underneath, as they would be sturdy and prevent them from falling over in the middle of an experiment!
  • Protective gloves: Instead of buying only one pair, buy a pack of disposable gloves to protect hands and arms while doing chemical experiments that should not come into direct contact with skin.
  • Safety goggles: If you’re homeschooling more than one high school student, purchase one for every student.
  • Lab scale: Lab scales are not overly expensive and are the most accurate for measuring precise amounts.
  • Thermometers: Thermometers could be expensive, but more cost-effective ones are available. Remember that you will use your scientific thermometer to measure temperature in gasses, semi-solids, and liquids.
  • A graduated cylinder set: Make sure the set contains both beakers and cylinders.
  • Microscope: You may be able to get by without one if you’re homeschooling younger students, but for a homeschooled student, it’s crucial.
  • Metric ruler: You can buy one for your science classes, but a metric ruler is also essential for math classes.
  • Prepared slides: You can buy educationally prepared science slides for all grades to help you better understand and comprehend science classes.

Math Supplies For Homeschool

As mentioned above, a metric ruler will already lessen the number of items you need for high school maths classes. Let’s look at the other crucial things needed:

  • Calculator: A scientific calculator will be able to accommodate all those difficult equations needed for maths classes, homework, and tests.
  • Protractor: It would be best to buy them in a complete set, and always keep an extra for if one of them gets lost!

Homeschool Visual Art Supplies

Apart from your basic office supplies that get mentioned in the regular list, you will also need the following items for the best visual art practical work and exams:

  • Brushes and paint: This includes washable, tempera, acrylic, and watercolor paint. This could depend on your child’s curriculum and painting techniques.
  • Large sheets of paper and canvas: This would be most useful for the more formal projects used for displaying.
  • Sketching pencils: These are crucial for craft and coloring projects.

Geography Supplies For Highschool Students

  • Student atlas: Altlases will have more varied information than maps, so it’s encouraged to have one and hang it in your homeschool classroom.
  • Globe: You could get a plain one, but a rotating one would be best to pinpoint specific locations during lessons.

Additional Useful Items Used For Highschool Homeschooling

You may think your homeschooling needs stop at stationary, but unfortunately, this is not the case. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most useful additional items that would benefit any high school homeschooler:

  • A backpack: You will spend a large portion of your homeschooling classes outside your home, which means a backpack will be crucial! Backpacks are great for nature walks, visits to the library, traveling, and extracurricular activities such as sports.
  • Printer and ink: Printers are great for copying reading and study materials, and if you have one to scan documents for evaluation, a printer will have you covered!
  • Laminator: If you need printed work and important documents to last longer, a laminator is a must! A laminator will also be useful for preparing for classes and activities!


Getting all the needed homeschooling supplies for a high school student could become overwhelming. However, if you keep your eyes locked on those back-to-school sales, you’ll get a better idea of what will be needed!


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