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What Is The Fastest Way To Deep Clean A Bathroom?

Deep cleaning a bathroom is a huge task that can be time-consuming and overwhelming for most people. There is usually so much to do that you aren’t sure where to start or where to get the time for it all. So, what is the fastest way to deep clean your bathroom? 

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Steps to Deep Clean Your Bathroom the Fastest Way

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The fastest way to deep clean your bathroom is to follow this cleaning order, which should take 1 hour:

  • Dust and sweep the floor
  • Spray cleaner in the shower and bath
  • Clean bathroom surfaces
  • Clean the toilet
  • Clean the shower and bath
  • Clean the windows
  • Mop the floor

This article will take you through how to deep clean your bathroom fast to ensure your bathroom is fresh and bacteria-free in one hour, making the cleaning experience more manageable. All this can help protect your health. 

What Does Deep Cleaning A Bathroom Entail?

Cleaning your bathroom is an essential part of keeping your house clean, as it can affect your health if you don’t clean your bathroom regularly. Most surfaces in your bathroom are riddled with bacteria that can grow out of control if you don’t clean your bathroom. 

It’s recommended that you clean your bathroom once a week and then do a deep clean once a month to ensure the bacteria is kept in check. Deep cleaning your bathrooms entail cleaning all surfaces in the bathroom. 

This involves removing items and cleaning windows, showers, baths, toilets, floors, and everything in between. This deep cleaning process can take a long time. 

If you don’t deep clean regularly, it can take up to an entire day to deep clean your bathroom. If you keep up with your cleaning, it could take up to 2 to 3 hours to fully deep clean your bathroom. 

How To Deep Clean A Bathroom Fast

Not everyone has the time for a thorough deep cleaning every month, but they still need to deep clean their bathroom in some way to ensure it’s not growing harmful bacteria. Thankfully, there are different levels of deep cleaning that you can follow when cleaning your bathroom.

To ensure your bathroom is adequately clean without needing to clean everything that you would clean in a traditional bathroom deep cleaning session, there are a few must-clean items you need to ensure you get to. 

Below is a list and cleaning order you can follow to “deep clean” your bathroom faster. This process will take about an hour or slightly longer if you take your time, but it will ensure your bathroom is clean and looks great. 

1. Clear The Bathroom Out 

The first step to deep cleaning your bathroom is to clear out your bathroom. Take everything out of the shower and off your bathroom basin. Anything moveable should be moved out of the bathroom, as this will give you the space to clean and show you where the dirt is. 

This is also a great time to throw out anything you no longer need or empty bottles, and you haven’t gotten around to throwing them out yet. 

2. Dust The Bathroom And Sweep The Floors 

Once the bathroom is cleared out, you need to dust your bathroom. The rule you should follow is dry clean before you wet clean. So, ensure you dust the windowsills, railings, shower door tops, and everything that could get dusty. 

Once you have dusted your bathroom, you need to sweep the floors to remove all the loose dust and other debris that might be in the bathroom. 

3. Spray Cleaner Into The Bath And Shower

When you are done sweeping the floors, you can spray some shower cleaning into the shower and some all-purpose cleaner into your bath. Ensure you spray down your shower and bath thoroughly. 

Spray every inch of them, including the shower head and faucets. When your bath and shower have been sprayed, you will leave the cleaner to soak and continue with other cleaning tasks. 

4. Clean Other Bathroom Surfaces 

While you wait for the shower cleaner and all-purpose cleaner to work their magic on the dirt in your shower and bath, you can clean and wipe down all the other surfaces in your bathroom. You can wipe down towel rails, basins, and faucets. You can also take this time to clean your bathroom mirror.

5. Clean The Toilet

Once you have cleaned the surfaces in your bathroom, you can turn your attention to your toilet. Wipe down the outside of your toilet with an all-purpose cleaner, including the toilet lid, seat, and under the toilet seat. This will kill the bacteria on the outside of the toilet. 

Then pour some toilet cleaner into the toilet bowl and scrub it with your toilet brush. Flush the toilet, scrub again, and then flush the toilet one more time. This will clean your toilet properly. 

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6. Clean The Shower And Bath

When you have cleaned the toilet, wash your hand and move back to your shower and bath. The cleaner you sprayed in them earlier would have begun lifting the dirt from the shower and bath, making it easier for you to clean now. 

Use a cloth or a brush to scrub the shower and bath, including the shower head and faucets. Then rinse the shower and bath with clean water until the soap is washed away. 

7. Clean The Windows

Now you can move on to cleaning your bathroom windows. Thankfully, most bathroom windows are small, or there is only one, making this process easy and quick. Spray some window cleaner onto the window, and scrub the window using a cloth or window cleaning device. 

Then rinse the cloth or cleaning device and wipe the soap from the window, rinsing the cloth as you go. If you want to, dry the window with an old, clean towel to remove streaks. 

8. Mop The Floor

When the windows have been cleaned, your final step in this quick deep clean of your bathroom is to mop the floors. You must mix your floor cleaning in a bucket of water and mop your bathroom floors well. Start at the far end of your bathroom and work your way back to the bathroom door. 

Let your bathroom floor dry, and then return all the bottles and loose items you want and need in your bathroom to their original place. Your bathroom has had a lovely clean and should look refreshed and smell great. 


Deep cleaning a bathroom can be a huge task and take an entire day. Fortunately, there are ways to deep clean your bathroom without following the traditional method. Follow the cleaning order in this article to deep clean your bathroom fast, and then if you still have time, you can do other things like washing the curtains. Good luck deep cleaning your bathroom!






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