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How to Look Good On Zoom

Want to look good on zoom? Here are some great tips to look your best!

how to look good on zoom

Back in March, did you think we’d still be zooming by now? Me neither! Zoom isn’t going anywhere for a while. Even as things start opening up and more and more people get back to work and people start holding meetings in person, virtual meetings are just so convenient, they’ll probably still be used quite a bit! We might as well look good while we’re zooming, right? Here’s how to do it, with just a little effort. 

Zoom Background

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Finding a good space to set up your zoom may be the most important part of looking good on a computer camera. First, consider what’s in your background. Pick an area that is simple and uncluttered. Many virtual meeting spaces like zoom offer fun backgrounds, or you can upload your own. But beware, sometimes these can be distracting because they can cause the outline of your head and body to flicker and fade in and out. If you really want to use a background, take a tip from the movie and tv pros and set up a green screen behind you. If you want to purchase one, there are some options on amazon that are surprisingly affordable. Or, you can just hang up a green sheet, tablecloth, or poster board behind you.  

Light it Up

Then, take a look at your lighting. Being backlit is a big no-no for zoom. A light or window behind you will put you in shadow and you may end up looking like a silhouette. People want to see your face! So, try to set yourself up with a light in front of you. Some people invest in a ring light to put in front of them. Amazon offers several affordable options. But you can certainly skip a new purchase and sit facing a window or even put a lamp in front of your laptop or phone. 

look good on zoom

The Right Angle

Position your camera at an angle that is most flattering to your face. In other words, if you are looking down at your screen/camera, it’s not your best angle. Use some books or a box to raise up your phone or laptop on your next zoom. Try to position your camera so that you are looking directly at it, or slightly up at it. 

Feel Your Best

The tips above should be plenty to show off your beautiful self! And, for the record, we think you look great all the time. But, if you want to spend a little time on your makeup or hair before your zoom, go for it. If you feel like you are looking good, that positivity will come across. Plus, if the zoom is for work, you’ll want to look professional. So throw on a cute top and maybe even add a pair of earrings and a little mascara. Hopefully, that little extra attention will help you look and feel more organized, put together, and ready for your meeting!

See, these tips are simple and won’t take much time or money! But, they will help you feel and look your best for your next zoom. 

How to look good on Zoom



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