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How To Organize Your Scrunchies

Scrunchie collection out of control? If you seem to have them everywhere, organize your scrunchies with one of these great ideas.

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Some things from the 80’s and 90’s have made a comeback in recent years, with scrunchies being one of them. All the girls from my generation that are now women are secretly thrilled about this. The magical and comfy hair ties of our childhood are now available to hold up our mom buns. However, instead of misplacing these treasured little time pieces, here are some ways to organize your scrunchies neatly and ready to use:

stacks to organize your scrunchies

Stack Them Up

Keeping scrunchies organized in a round cylinder is probably the best was to keep tabs on them. Think of the tall, clear, round containers at the doctor’s office that they keep those long cotton swabs in. You can buy these in a variety of sizes depending on how many scrunchies you’ve collected. A clear container will allow you to see what scrunchies are inside, but you can also buy cylinder containers in a variety of fun designs, too.

The round design of the container will keep the scrunchies in tip top shape and not stuffed into a square space.

Use What You Already Have

There are many household items that are already in your home you could use to store scrunchies. Anything that is tall, long or has option for hanging can be used here. Some examples include: paper towel holders, a hanger with clothes pins on it and doorknobs. Place paper towel holders or hangers with clothes pin in the room where you fix your hair or store other hygiene items. Closet doorknobs or bedroom ones make excellent places to keep favorite ties, though there will be limited space.

organize your scrunchies on a paper towel holder

Get Fancy

Amazon carries a variety of decorative organization items that you can re-purpose for scrunchie storage. Jewelry trees are one way to add a touch of class to your dresser or counter top, and they come in a variety of styles. A simple Google search will also show items made specifically for storing scrunchies. Some of these are tiered and others are tall and long

Another fun idea is to clear out an entire drawer in the bathroom or a vanity that is just for your hair accessories. You can partition the drawer off with small wire baskets or dividers to keep scrunchies and other items separate. Makeup bags have the same effect as individual dividers. 

Crafty Solutions

If you don’t want to drop a lot of dough on storage for your scrunchies, consider making something yourself. Basically, any kind of cylinder you have on hand can function like the before mentioned paper towel holder or storage containers. Use an empty oatmeal container, spaghetti box or wine bottle to wrap the scrunchies around. Before you do so, paint or wrap them with fun colored construction paper or fabric. If you choose to use a wine bottle, you can even add battery operated lights inside the clean bottle so that it works as a decorative piece, too. 

If you want something unique but don’t feel crafty enough to do so, Etsy has many great shops that can do it for you as well.

organize your scrunchies

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