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The Versatile and Cheesy Quesadilla

The versatile and cheesy quesadilla is one meal that should be on your menu weekly. It’s perfect for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and even dessert.

Breakfast Quesadilla

Spice up your breakfast routine by adding in a breakfast quesadilla. Start with some scrambled eggs. Then add in a few peppers and bacon. Next comes the sharp cheddar and pepper jack cheeses. Throw in some spinach and add it all to a tortilla. Finally, heat it in the skillet until it’s golden brown on both sides and the cheese is all melty. If you are one for garnishing you can add avocado to the top and a squeeze of lime. The best thing about this breakfast beauty is that it can be FROZEN! Talk about versatile. You can have this delicious quesadilla anytime. Check out the full recipe at Half Baked Harvest.

Lunch Quesadilla

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This cheesy pizza quesadilla would be perfect for your child’s lunchbox. Start by spreading onto your tortilla a layer of spaghetti/pizza sauce. Next add some pepperoni slices. Then don’t forget the cheesy cheese! Add your favorite shredded pizza cheese like mozzarella or Monterey Jack. Add the other tortilla on top of your pizza masterpiece and allow both sides to brown and your cheese to melt while cooking it on your skillet. Adding some cooking spray to the pan (or even directly to your tortilla) will help brown and crisp up your quesadilla.

Snack Quesadilla

The quesadilla is so versatile and cheesy that it even makes for a GREAT snack. To make this quesadilla start by cooking up a few slices of bacon (like 6). Crumble them up and add them to 1 cup of refried beans. Spread some of that goodness in your tortilla. Next add some of your favorite salsa to your quesadilla and last but not least some shredded cheddar cheese. Brown both sides of your tortilla and BOOM you have yourself a cheesy snack.

Dinner Quesadilla

What makes this dinner quesadilla from Lil’luna so special is the sauce that you spread on it. The sauce is made with taco seasoning, mayo, garlic salt, and hot sauce. Once you get that all on the tortilla add some shredded chicken and Mexican cheese. This cheesy versatile quesadilla will become a dinner favorite.

Dessert Quesadilla

For those of you with a sweet tooth (ME ME ME) this versatile and cheesy quesadilla is for you. Plus it has LAYERS! First layer, cream cheese and crushed pineapple. Second layer has another tortilla with cream cheese face down on the pineapple layer. Then spread raspberry (or strawberry) jam on top of that 2nd layer as well as fresh chopped up raspberries (or strawberries). Add a 3rd tortilla on top and you’re ready to brown up your dessert quesadilla. Feel free to add to that sweet tooth by sprinkling powder sugar over your finished product. YUM!

The versatile and cheesy quesadilla is always a winner for any meal. Whether you eat it now or freeze it for later adding the quesadilla to your rotation of meals is a must!

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