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Make Housework Less Boring – 4 Simple Strategies

Let’s face it, housework can get boring. Now, I’m not going to say that I don’t like to clean because I kind of do. And I absolutely love the results of cleaning – my house looking it’s best and smelling great. But, as a person who cleans houses for a living, I must say that I run out of steam when the weekend comes around and it’s time to clean my own house. What’s that expression about the shoemaker’s kids having no shoes? It’s often the same here. After a week of making others’ homes sparkle, sometimes I feel like I just can’t face one more toilet.

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Over the years, I learned a few ways to trick my brain into thinking cleaning is less boring.

Make Housework Less Boring - 4 Simple Strategies

1. Turn all the lights on

This tip isn’t so great for  your electric bill, but it works wonders for your motivation. Turn on all your lights and as you finish a room turn the light off. I’m sure there’s some sort of scientific reason for this that I don’t quite understand. All I know is that it is extremely gratifying to walk into a dirty room, clean it, flip the light off and say, “done.” When cleaning seems monotonous this is a great way to show the progress you’ve made.

2. Go out of order

When I clean my house I usually clean in the same order, starting with the kitchen, then the powder room, living room, dining room and, well  you get the idea.

Even when I’m cleaning a particular room, I usually clean that room in the same order.  My bathroom for example goes like this: tub, toilet, sink, mirror, floor. After the umpteenth time cleaning a bathroom, I’ll sometimes change the order. It seems like a small thing but believe me, that little change makes the routine a little less, well routine.

3. Music is Key

This is undoubtedly a tip you’ve tried before. It is an old tip for sure, but it’s a good one because it really works. So, turn it on and turn it up! But be careful what you choose! Upbeat music helps you get the job done more quickly than those sad, slow, love songs.

4. Reward Yourself

Build in time for rewards along the way as you are cleaning your house. Maybe you have a piece of chocolate after you finish a room, or you reward yourself with 15 minutes of social media time when you are halfway done. Or, try a big reward when you are completely done. For me, ice cream is the ultimate motivator and just thinking about that helps keep the boredom at bay.

Hopefully these tips will help you power through the boredom that often comes along with cleaning. And remember, the ultimate reward will be your fresh smelling, newly cleaned space!


Make Housework Less Boring - 4 Simple Strategies

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