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May the 4th Be With You

May 4th is the day to let your inner Star Wars fan shine! Need some ideas on how to celebrate? I’ve got you covered. May the 4th be with you.

Lego storm trooper standing in the sand.
Photo by Daniel K Cheung on Unsplash

May the 4th, also known as Star Wars Day, is a beloved celebration for fans of the long lasting scientific franchise. Whether you are a fan from the beginning or just jumped on board with the Mandalorian this day is for you!

Ways to Celebrate May the 4th (Star Wars Day)

May the 4th Movie Marathon

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Gather your friends and family for an epic Star Wars movie marathon. There are so many approaches to your Star Wars movie marathon. Start with the original trilogy for a nostalgic journey through the galaxy. Or get comfy and watch the movies chronologically.

Don’t forget the spin-off shows and animated series from the Mandalorian to the Clone Wars to the Lego Star Wars movies and episodes. You will have hours and hours of May the 4th fun as you immerse yourself in a galaxy far far away. If you don’t have all the Star Wars movies on DVD have no fear you can catch all your Star Wars favorites on Disney+.

Dress Up as Your Favorite Character

A dog wearing a Yoda costume.
Photo by Justin Jason on Unsplash

Channel your inner Jedi or Sith Lord by dressing up as your favorite Star Wars character. Whether you’re putting on your Jedi robe, grabbing your most prized lightsaber, or putting your hair up into braided buns like Princess Leia, let May the 4th be the day you are all in on the galaxy’s most iconic heroes and villains. Don’t forget to let your four legged furry friend in on the fun as well!

Have Epic Lightsaber Battles

12 different colored blow up lightsabers.

Lightsabers. I know you have them. Dig through the toy room or grab your lightsaber from its honored place on the mantel. If you have a shortage of lightsabers then stock up on some inflatable ones from Amazon.

Next, gather some family and/or friends and let the battling begin. Want to up the level of difficulty? Try making an obstacle course for battles of skill and agility. Don’t forget the prizes! A pair of lightsaber chopsticks would be an epic May the 4th be with you lightsaber battle prize.

A pair of blue lightsaber chopsticks.

Star Wars Trivia Night

Test your knowledge of the Star Wars universe with a trivia night extravaganza. Create teams and compete in rounds of challenging questions covering everything from iconic characters to obscure trivia. Don’t be afraid to delve into the animated world of Star Wars as well.

You can make your own Kahoot! game with your favorite facts or play one of their premade Star Wars trivia games. May the 4th be with you as you vie for the title of ultimate Star Wars trivia champion.

Celebrate the Day By Being a Star Wars Foodie

Every holiday comes with its own special foods. May the 4th should be the same. Whip up some Star Wars themed treats and drinks to satisfy your hunger and thirst. Try turning your everyday cookies into Wookiee cookies. Make some green Yoda soda or turn your green smoothie into a Yoda look alike. My local bakery makes Chewbacca (maple bar) donuts that we love to order every year to celebrate May the 4th.

A maple bar decorated as Chewbacca.
Celebrate May the 4th with a delicious Chewbacca maple bar.

On the website the options of Star Wars eats are infinite. Ewok sushi, blue milk egg nog, BB-8 cauliflower toast, and Princess Leia apple snacks just to name a few. Let these food ideas inspire your creativity and add to your festivities and create something delicious of your own!

DIY Crafts and Activities

Get crafty with DIY Star Wars themed crafts and activities. From building your own lightsaber to creating paper craft versions of iconic spacecraft, there are plenty of creative projects to keep you entertained.

Grab a few lunch paper bags and some glue sticks and craft paper and let your imagination run wild as you recreate your favorite Star Wars character puppets with your kiddos. Try your hand at making your own lightsaber with a pool noodle. Go back to your elementary school days and grab a shoebox to make a diorama Star Wars scene. Unleash your inner Jedi master with arts and crafts.

Decorate With Star Wars Decor

A black tablecloth with stars and the words,

You are going to want somewhere to set out all your May the 4th food and a place to do your Star Wars inspired crafts. You are going to need this tablecloth!

A large Star Wars photo backdrop featuring Star Wars characters.

Like any good party or celebration May the 4th deserves a photo backdrop. Pose in front of it with your lightsaber or dressed up as your favorite Jedi or Sith. Taking memorable pictures with a photo backdrop will assure you always remember celebrating Star Wars day.

Baby Yoda table toppers.

These baby Yoda table toppers are adorable! Bring the new era of Star Wars into your May the 4th celebration.

Build With Star Wars Legos

This would be the top choice for my kiddos as an activity to celebrate Star Wars day. With over 900 Lego Star Wars sets to choose from the fun is endless. Not only can you build the sets together but then there is a whole world of imagination and exploration to be had.

If video game playing is your jam then you can play Lego Star Wars on the Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox, and Windows. With so many options May the 4th will be a day full of fun and games for your family.

May the 4th is a day to celebrate the timeless magic of Star Wars and the enduring legacy of George Lucas’s iconic creation. Whether you’re engaging in epic lightsaber battles, testing your knowledge with trivia challenges, or simply enjoying a movie marathon with friends, there’s no shortage of ways to embrace the Force and join in the festivities. So, gather our fellow Jedi and Sith, and May the 4th be with you as you celebrate Star Wars day in style.

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