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Party Ideas to Celebrate the End of School

The end of the school year is fast approaching. Want to end the year in style? Throw a party with one of these party ideas to celebrate the end of school.

Girl jumping up in the air in the school hallway.
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Ideas for an End of School Year Bash

Have a Water Party

What better way to dive into summer than to celebrate the end of the school year by getting wet! If weather permits and you have a local pool nearby (or a friend with a pool) gather there to celebrate the end of the year.

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No pool? No problem. There are still plenty of ways to get wet and cool off. Round up some water guns and let each person have their own. Water guns can lead to endless games and fun.

You can also break out the water balloons, especially those new ones that you can fill them all up at the same time (you can get them on Amazon). Then plan a game to play with the balloons like water balloon volleyball or have a water balloon toss (like an egg toss). If freestyle is more your thing then let it be a free for all and take cover as the balloons fly (be sure to pick up all the broken balloon parts when you’re finished).

A boy with a water balloon standing in a small pool with water splashing on him.
Photo by James Balensiefen on Unsplash

Remember the good old days when you soared along the ground on a Slip n’ Slide. It is time to pull it back out for an amazing end of year party. Slip n’ Slides work great on a flat grassy surface. They are also tons of fun if you have a grassy hill you can use. You will need access to water to keep the slide nice and wet and keep the kids sliding.

Celebrate With a Movie Night

What better way to kick back and relax then with a good movie. Invite your friends over to celebrate the last day of school by having a movie night. You could choose a school themed movie to celebrate with. For example, High School Musical or School of Rock.

Set up for your celebratory movie night in your house with pillows and blankets and of course popcorn and soda. Or you can take the movie outdoors. Grab a lawn chair, blanket, or the trampoline to sit on. For more amazing outdoor movie ideas including what to use as a screen and some projector options check out the Organized Mom post, “Bringing the Theater To Your Backyard”.

Pop On By For a Treat

One of my neighbors had a great party idea to celebrate the end of the school year with the easiest “party” ever. They invited everyone to stop by on their way home from the last day of school. This party was held in their front yard so it was a quick stop on the way home from school.

A girl eating a piece of candy while holding a bowl of ice cream. Party Ideas to Celebrate the End of School
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When we passed their home on our way home they had a popsicle for each of us. If popsicles aren’t your thing this party can be done with any kind of treat or drink. You can have some yard games out like corn hole or spike ball and a photo booth wall to commemorate the occasion and add to the celebratory feeling. It’s a quick party pop in for those who have other plans and your friends who aren’t in a hurry can linger a little longer and sit and visit or play some yard games.

End of School Year Talent Show

A fun party to end the school year would be to have a talent show. This can be super informal with an area set aside to be the stage and blankets or lawn chairs to sit on.

Kids can show off their dance moves, gymnastics, comedic skills, singing talents (including karaoke), slam poetry and acting skills. This type of party allows everyone to shine in their own way.

Pajama Party

If you are feeling wild and crazy as a parent and want the party to last all night long then a pajama party might be just what you are looking for. Throw in some pizza, soda, games, and a movie and you have the makings for an epic last day of school celebration.

Party Rentals to Celebrate the End of School

Another amazing option when planning a party is to check out your nearest party rental store. A few of the fun rentals I have found at our local store are a foam machine, laser tag, bubble balls (check out this post full of game ideas to play with bubble balls), bounce houses, and a variety of blowup toys (water slides/obstacle courses).

A young girl holding cotton candy; Party Ideas to Celebrate the End of School
Photo by Vika Strawberrika on Unsplash

There is also the option to rent popcorn machines, cotton candy machine, Dole Whip and soft serve ice cream machines and snow cone making machines. There are so many fun and different party options to help you celebrate when you check out what your local party rental store has to offer.

Sending Out Party Invites

Be sure to let everyone know about your fabulous end of school party by sending out an invitation. If you have crafters in the house then put them to work by gathering your crafting supplies and letting them create the invitations.

If crafting isn’t your mode of operation have no fear. There are multiple websites where you can create a free invite online. Greetings Island is my go to whenever I need to make an invitation.

When using Greetings Island I am able to print out the invitations if I want to hand out a hard copy. If electronic delivery is more your style you can easily email your invitations or send them via text. It’s as easy as that!

The end of the school year is just around the corner. What better way to finish off the year then by celebrating with friends and having an end of school party. Whether it’s getting wet, watching a movie, having a treat, or trying something new with a party rental your school year will have a memorable end.

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